Jul 9, 2010

Wasabi Sushi – Bareeq Al Shatti

Wasabi Sushi (Telephone: 2469 9490) is a Japanese restaurant located in Bareeq Al Shatti mall. It is located in the far right side of the mall right opposite B+F.

Wasabi is a relatively small restaurant with about six or seven dining tables only, yet luckily the place is not exactly crowded as only half the tables were occupied when we came to dine in on a weekend evening. The layout of the place is quite modern and stylish, though a bit dim to some extent. Fun thing about the restaurant is that they have an LCD connected to a camera right on top of the chef showing the preparation process live. Make sure you check it out!

Besides sushi, the menu of Wasabi Sushi has nothing at all other than soup and salad. We ordered the traditional Japanese miso soup (RO 1.900) to which you can optionally add salmon. I had mine with salmon and quite enjoyed it!

The sushi menu of Wasabi Sushi is divided into Hosomaki (rice roll with filling inside and seaweed wrap on the outside), Futomaki (larger rice rolls with additional toppings on the outside) , Nigiri (fish pressed on top of rice pad), Sashimi (raw slices of fish), and Temaki (hand rolled cones of seafood). In my most recent visited we tried a hosomaki Tiger Roll (4.100 – which had tempura prawns, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe, and Japanese mayonnaise – pictured above), a futomaki Dragon Roll (RO 5.900 – which had tempura prawns, avocado, tuna, salmon, roasted eel, mayonnaise, flying fish roe and teriyaki sauce – pictured below), a futomaki  Namoro-Maki (RO 4.700 – which had prawns, crab, avocado, and fish roe topping), and California Rolls (RO 4.500 – which had prawns, avocado, cucumber, Japanese mayonnaise, and flying fish roe). I liked everything we had, but I thought my favourites were the Namoro Maki and the California Roll.

In total we ordered 3 soups, 4 maki dishes, 1 soft drink and two small bottles of water, our bill came to about RO 30. I thought that the service was quite good and fast enough. My only complaint about the restaurant is that it doesn’t seem to offer much besides sushi. I mean, they don’t have any drinks other than soft drinks, water, and coffee – they don’t offer juices or any speciality drinks. There are also no desserts at all.

I still had a great time at Wasabi, I like their food and will be going again for sure!

Have you been to Wasabi Sushi yet? Do you think that sushi are going to pick up in Oman anytime soon?

  • Cute_jatt2003

    i vist many times ther —-supper
    keep it up* being a custmer (iq)ness*
    i recomendz to all doz pplz * who try many tymz nd gve sum feed bck for future (temp)(change)

  • Faisal

    The food is average and I thought that it is a bit pricy for the quantity they are serving,
    I will never go there again for 1 reason: the oil and cooking smells sticks on and on your phone and wallet for days and 3- 4 showers won’t let it go!!!!

  • I went there once and almost ordered everything, the experience was pretty special since it was my first time to properly feast on sushi! I loved it, but i doubt i'll visit this place again, it's a bit over priced and i love sushi, but not THAT much.

    PS, trying too much wasabi was an awful idea, but yet a great prank on those who have no idea what that yummy fresh scented green spice is!

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  • browneyedgirl1972us

    that is a very traumatic experience..

  • browneyedgirl1972us

    that is a very traumatic experience..

  • raniya alkhusaibi

    ok i was gonna go when they first opened but got discoraged by a bad review from a friend. i dont know if i’m brave enough to go

    plus it’s always empty which is a very bad sign (bad food?, or just no marketing?)

  • verbose

    went to Wasabi twice, and being a sushi enthusiast, was highly unimpressed by the quality as well as the choice. 

    Definitely too pricey for they are offering, and found the LCD showing the chef slightly odd and unappetizing. 

  • Kamakazy

    Sushi is an aquired taste, not for everyone and you need to know what to order….

  • Naj20

    I’m pratically in love with this place. Honestly, this place changed my idea about sushi. This is my favourite restaurant in Oman, but mainly because of the memories I have there. If anyone doesn’t know what to order, they should try the Dragon Roll or the Baby Dragon- they are the best in my opinion. It’s expensive but I guess it just depends on how much you’re willing to pay. Also, in order for them to expand their menu, they’d need more customers.

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  • Steven

    I went to Wasabi Sushi the other day with a friend , we both haven’t tried Sushi before , when we got in the whiff of the place was a mixture between Dettol and raw fish , which was weird but the ambiance was really good but the place is small and the quietness of the place is contrasted by the blasting music of B+F .
    The food was unique and delicious , I am one of the guys who hate to photograph their food but when I saw how they served it I took a snap .
    The Dragon roll was exquisite and has about every delicious taste that you can expect to find in an amazing meal . ( I think I will always going to order the same ) .
    admittedly , we were not very skillful with chopsticks so they brought us chopstics that are connected at the top , which was really a nice gensture .
    when the bill came , I smiled and happily paid it , it was less than 20 OMR for two main courses , we both looked at each others and said : ” Yup , we are going to be regulars 🙂 )