Apr 16, 2010

Ubhar – Bareeq Al Shatti

Ubhar (telephone: 24699826) is an upscale Omani restaurant located in Bareeq Al Shatti mall. It is located at the main entrance of the mall and has another entrance from the inside opposite Caribou Coffee. Ubhar is the name of an ancient lost city that is now believed to be located in the south of Oman.

We went to Ubhar in the afternoon of a working day, the place was full and we had to wait for a while before getting a table. I have never been to the restaurant before so I am not sure if this situation is always like that before the end of their lunch time session. The setting in Ubhar is a fusion between contemporary and old Omani styles, the  walls have small window-like shelves that have clay pots from Bahla and the glass walls have traditional Omani fittings, while the chairs have contrasting flashy pink fabric – it is very vibrant and nice!

The menu of Ubhar is full of traditional Omani food with an Arab/continental twist. For starters they offer a number of salads, an appetizer platter, and a number of soups. The soup I had was the Matrah Paplo (RO 2,200), inspired by the Balushi dish of the same name, the soup is made up of a turmeric, dried lemon, chili, and sea food. It comes with a small cup of rice to dip in your soup. I really liked it and I thought that it tasted genuine.

For the main course Ubhar offers a number of rice dishes, some sandwiches, and pasta as well. I had a Camel Biryani (RO 5.500) which had camel meat cooked with nuts, raisons, and a variety of spices. It came with rice, one papadum and a cup of raita. This was my first time to try camel meat, I thought that it tasted like mutton more than anything else. I liked everything in it, except the raisins, I am not a big fan of raisins at all and I think the dish would’ve been better off without it!

Other people with me ordered Fish Machboos and Chicken Qabooli, both of which are traditional rice dishes from the Gulf.

For the drinks I had a juice drink called Al Sahil Sunrise (RO 2 – not pictured) which had orange, pineapple, kiwi, and strawberry. I thought it was really awesome!

Ubhar offers a number of desserts such as Omani halwa, date ice cream, saffron creme brulee, chocolate fudge cake, and tiramisu made with Omani coffee. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to try desserts because we had to run.

In total we ordered three soups, three main dishes, and three fresh juices, our bill came to about RO 30.

I really enjoyed my experience at Ubhar, I thought the food was nice and the service was good even though there was a big delay for our food as the place was quite crowded when we got there. Ubhar is one of the few authentic restaurants in Oman and it was done with great style. I am sure I’m going to bring any guests who come visit from abroad to this restaurant to show them what food Oman has to offer!