Apr 10, 2012

Trade Vic’s – Intercontinental

Trader Vic’s (Telephone 24680080 – Map) is a Hawaiian restaurant and bar located at the Intercontinental hotel in Shatti Al Qurum.  Trader Vic’s is an bar restaurant chain with branches in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. I went to try out for dinner a couple of weeks ago and I thought I’ll share my experience here on the Omani Cuisine.

Trade Vic’s is a huge bar restaurant located in the outer attachment of the Intercontinental Hotel. It is fully licensed to serve pork and alcohol. The restaurant is divided into the bar side and the dining area that has a Chinese oven. I went to Trader Vic’s on a weekday and it was pretty crowded, however we did not have any problem finding a table. The crowd was predominantly made up of adult expatriates.

The menu of Trade Vic’s has a variety of finger bites, starters, mains, and grills which are supposedly from the Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Polynesian cuisines.

For the starters we decided to have a portion of BBQ lamb ribs (RO 7.200) and a portion of fried calamari with wasabi sauce (RO 5.200). Even though I really like spicy food, I did not like the wasabi sauce that came with the calamari and thought that it had a funny aftertaste. I didn’t think that the ribs were special or memorable at all either.

For the main course I had a 9 Spice Chicken – which is a half chicken cooked in their special oven with some spices. The chicken was alright, but even though it supposedly had nine spices, I thought that it was still bland and boring.

My friends had a Filet of Beef (RO 14.000) and Rib Eye Steak (RO 14.200) both of which they had with wedges and green beans. None of my friend had any technical issue with their steaks, but just like me they did not find it special at and boring.

For the dessert we had one plate of Chocolate Paradise (RO 4.000) which was basically a gourmet chocolate ice cream. The three of us shared this together, and I thought that it was nice.

In total we ordered 2 starters, 3 mains, 1 vegetables side dish, 1 dessert, 2 soft drinks, and 1 bottle of water. Our bill came to about RO 70.

I thought that the service was average, our food took a long time to arrive, but the waiters were pleasant to deal with. I did not find the food special at all and I didn’t like the ambiance, the place was too dark and a bit too old fashioned for me to like. Maybe my experience would have been different if I were someone who drank.

I do not think that I will be going back to Trader Vic’s any time soon.

What do you guys think of Trader Vic’s?