Jun 16, 2012

Omani Cuisine Top 10 Restaurants – 2012

A lot of people are wondering about what restaurants I like to go to when I am not doing a review, you know, the restaurants I actually like. So I thought I’ll do the first ever list of top 10 restaurants that I can’t seem to get over. All the restaurants mentioned after the jump were reviewed in the past, so you can learn more about them by reading the full reviews found elsewhere on the website.

10. Turkish House

The Turkish House is everybody favorite seafood and grills restaurant in Al Khuwair. The bread is divine, the mixed appetizer is amazing, and their grills consistently have that magical thing about them that you can’t find at any other Turkish restaurant in Oman. Turkish House also happens to be my secret dining place after late Royal Opera House Muscat concerts.

9. Glacier Cafe

I know everybody goes there for the waffles and pancakes, but their secret weapon is their clubsandwich that apparently has been their most popular dish for more than 15 years! I can have that sandwich for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and still not get over it.

8. Pizza Express

Pizza Express in the Middle East is different from Pizza Express in the UK, but still has its own charm. Some think that it is ridiculous to pay RO2 for garlic bread, but once you try it with vinegar and olive oil you will see how amazing it is! My current favorite pizza is American Pollo and I think that their branch at The Wave looks amazing!

7. The Noodle House

The Noodle House is without a doubt the best restaurant at Muscat City Center, all their mains are excellent, but their Wasabi Prawns starter is unbelievable. Do not miss out on trying their creative juices while you are here.

6. Slider Station

Forget the conveyer belt, it is a gimmick, but their sliders are super delicious and their Oreo Crusted Fondant is one of the best desserts you can have in this country!

5. The SteakCompany

Best steakhouse in Oman. Have boerewors for the starters and ask them to make it spicy, then come back here and thank me for this recommendation!

4. B+F Roadside Diner

We all thought that B+F was just a phase, but until this day people would be queuing in lines to get a table at B+F. After going through every single burger they have on the menu, I realized that I am a Dynamite Burger kinda guy.

3. Shang Thai

The food at Shang Thai is just beautiful, it is delicate and rich with flavor. Go for their Tom Yum soup for the startere and their Chili Prawns for the main course. They also make amazing ice cream tempura.

2. Tokyo Taro

So many sushi places come and go, but Tokyo Taro is still the best sushi restaurant you can go to in this country. Their maki is amazing, their sashi is amazing, they do bento boxes and teppanyaki, too.

1. Ubhar

Ubhar is my most favorite restaurant without a doubt. Their food is so unique there is nothing like it in the world. During day time the place is so bright and airy and at night it is so quiet and full of charm. Their menu amazingly puts a modern twist on traditional Omani recipes in a way that makes them very accessible, yet still completely authentic. I love their paplo soup, their shuwa sandwich, their chicken makboos, and of course their breathtaking Ubhar Dream halwa puff.