May 10, 2011

Tokyo Taro – Al Falaj Hotel

Tokyo Taro is a Japanese restaurant located in Al Falaj Hotel (2470 2311) in Ruwi. If you are coming from Seeb you take the very first right directly after the Darsait bridge and continue on that road until you see Al Falaj Hotel on the right side of the road. Tokyo Taro is the oldest Japanese restaurants in town and probably for that reason a lot of people refer to it as “The Japanese Restaurant” (I think that’s the officially registered name of the place.)

Tokyo Taro is quite a big restaurant with one private room that can take up to eight people, two central tables in the middle that can take up to 18 people, and several tables with a window view of the downtown Ruwi. Tokyo Taro also has eight seats for Teppanyaki – this is where you have a set menu and the chef cooks the food in front of you.

Tokyo Taro is usually not crowded on weekdays, but it can easily get fully booked on weekend nights, especially for teppanyaki, if you are coming on a weekend it might be a good idea to reserve a table in advance.

The menu of Tokyo Taro is quite big with set dinner meals, box set meals, sushi, tempura, soups, and other dishes, too. Tokyo Taro is fully licenses, so you should watch out for dishes that have pork if you do not eat it. Alcohol is also served at Tokyo Taro, but I do not think that it is used in cooking anything except one of the teppanyaki desserts. If you cannot eat raw fish Tokyo Taro can cook the sushi for you before it is served (not that I recommend you do that, but at least you have the option).

For the starter we got one plate of  10 pieces of California Rolls (RO 3.4000) which basically was prawn, cucumber, and mayo maki rolls. I thought that it was nice, even though a bit simpler than what you would usually get in for California Rolls in other places.

For the main course we thought we’ll go for a Take Bento Box (RO 6.500) which had a sashimi mix, vegetable and prawn tempura, chicken teriyaki, grilled fish, omelette, salad, pickes, miso soup, and plain rice. The other options for bento boxes are similar. Having a bento box is a really great idea if you want to try out different things. I really loved everything that came with in my box EXCEPt the omelette, I don’t know, I guess it is just not my cup of tea.

Tokyo Taro offers a few juices, lemon soda, and some alcoholic beverages. I just had a lemon soda, which I thought was OK.

I have never tried any of the desserts at Tokyo Taro except something I had for teppanyaki a while back and I can’t remember how it was.

For this visit in total we ordered 1 plate of sushi, two bento boxes, and two drinks. Our bil came to RO 23.200.

I thought that the service at Tokyo Taro was excellent, the staff is always friendly and cheerful, and the food always comes as ordered.

I really like Tokyo Taro and I cannot recommend it enough for those going out for Japanese food!