Nov 5, 2017

The Yellow Chilli – Panorama Mall

My name is Yasmeen and I am taking over the reviewing section of the Omani Cuisine website.   I am a long time foodie and love to post about my experiences in restaurants in Oman. This is my first review. Bon Appetit!

Located on the first floor of Panorama Mall, The Yellow Chilli (2458 2588- Panorama/ 2454 1717- Al Mouj) is a casual dining Indian restaurant with a twist created by the Indian celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The concept as stated by Sanjeev Kapoor is “5 star food at half the price.” There are over 40 of these chain restaurants around the world, as per the menu, with two of them being located in Oman; one at Panorama Mall and the other located at Al Mouj.

We decided to go to the Panorama Mall branch on a weekday and turned up at 8pm only to find a couple of people having dinner. The décor at the restaurant was classy with an Indian feel. I liked the atmosphere except for the elevator-type music playing in the background. I felt like they could have been playing more Indian music to go with the theme.

For food, we ordered one Paneer Taka Tak (Paneer tikka with tomato & onion based sauce) (4.500 OMR) and one Sag Murgh Lehsuni (Chicken and Spinach Curry) (5.500 OMR), one Plain Naan (0.850 OMR) and one Lasooni (garlic) naan (0.950 OMR). For drinks we ordered one salty lassi (2.000 OMR) and one Daredevil, which was a pomegranate drink (2.000 OMR).

They served us a complimentary appetizer first which consisted of papadams, mint chutney, pickled papaya and pickled onion served in an antique looking tray. I loved the crispness of the papadams but the mint sauce was way too salty. Next came the drinks. I felt the Daredevil was too sweet and the syrup needed to be thoroughly mixed in before it was drinkable.   The lassi was ordinary but refreshing.

The food came out next displayed in pots of varying shapes. The Sag Murgh Lehsuni’s chicken was very tender and moist and the curry was very delicious. My favorite dish of the night! Although I had asked the waiter if the Paneer Taka Tak would be very spicy as it was marked as so on the menu, he said it wasn’t very spicy, but I found it to be quite hot for me.  The paneer had a nice texture to it; not at all rubbery like I’ve found at other Indian restaurants. Overall, I liked the taste of the dish but if I order it again, I would ask if they could reduce the spiciness and salt. On a previous visit to this restaurant, we ordered the Tandoori Basil Prawns (6.500 OMR), which we really loved.

I felt the service was attentive without being overbearing which was a nice change.

The total bill for two people was 15.875 OMR and with the 2017 Entertainer it was 11.865 OMR. Overall, I would definitely recommend going to Yellow Chilli and it is becoming a favorite for us when we are craving Indian food.

Have you been to The Yellow Chilli lately?  What do you think of it?

Note: I would recommend you tell them if you have the Entertainer 2017 in advance if you decide to use it, as some dishes are not included in this offer.