Dec 30, 2011

The SteakCompany – Bareeq Al Shatti

The SteakCompany (Telephone 9411 6600 – Map) is a steakhouse located in Bareeq Al Shatti Mall. The SteakCompany is located in the same spot as the now defunct Abala, but it is not owned or operated by the same people. The SteakCompany is relatively new and at the time of this review the restaurant has only been opening for dinner and not lunch.

The SteakCompany has mostly maintained the look and feel of Abala and looks really amazing withs glamourous lights and sleek furniture. The SteakCompany also has a few tables outside the restaurant, which dont necessarily have the greatest view, but I guess are still an option for smokers. We went early on a weekend evening and the restaurant was not crowded at all.

The menu of The SteakCompany offers starters, salads, sandwiches, steaks, and a grilled sea food and chicken section. For the starters we wanted to try to the Carpaccio and Calamari Rings, but neither of these starters were available, so we went for a plate of Garlic Prawns (RO 2.900) – which had jumbo prawns cooked in garlic and coriander sauce, and a plate of Boerewors (RO 2.000) – which was a South African sausage dish cooked in tomato salsa.  I thought that the Prawns were good, but not very memorable, and I thought that the Boerewors on the other hand were quite special and really nice.

The steak section of menu of The SteakCompany is divided up into three categories, New Zealand angus beef, South African prime beef, and Australian black angus beef. Each of these beef types are offered in a variety of cuts such as New York Strip, Rib Eye, Filet Mignon, and T-Bone. The SteakCompany offers two sauces with its steaks, pepper mint and Argentinian chumichuri. Each steak is offered with vegetables accompanied by mash potatoes, chunky fries, or potato wedges.

I ordered a medium-well Australian Rib Eye (RO 13.900) with crunchy fries. Unfortunately my steak came as medium-rare, I informed the restaurant staff about this, and they offered to take it back to the kitchen to cook it more, but I chose to try it out as I have never tried medium-rare or rare meat before, after starting to eat my steak though I discovered that it wasn’t consistently cooked at all as it was medium-well on one side and rare on the other, which was a bit frustrating even though I liked the chumchiri sauce and the little vegetables that came with the steak.

The other three people who came with me for dinner did not have the same problem with their steak and enjoyed what they had more than I did.

For the desserts The SteakCompany offers Chocolate Fondant, Cheesecake, and Date Cake. We went for a Date Cake (RO2.200) that came with ice cream on the side which we enjoyed.

In total we ordered 2 starters, 4 steaks, 1 dessert, 2 soft drinks, and 2 fresh juices. Our bill came to RO 50.295.

Besides the incidence of not having my steak cooked well, I thought that the service at the SteakCompany was still very good. The staff seemed to be friendly and helpful and our food did not take a lot of time to arrive.

I am still willing to give the SteakCompany another chance even though my steak wasn’t cooked properly. I am hoping that the problem I had was just an isolated incident.

Have you guys been to the SteakCompany? What do you think of it?

  • Um3azzan

    When we went my sister in law had the same problem of the steak .. But the resturant manager handeled it very well .. Never experiences such excellent service in Oman .. We were offered free dessert 😀

  • Al Mandhari

    Been there twice so far..& No problems at all..I always go for Well done 🙂 not well burnt lol but well grilled! Great food, tasty sauses and seating area very contemporary ..wish the prices were a bit lower though..overall excellent service ….

  • Albarood

    We went there and we had a good time. I went for well done but I feel it wasn’t well done. I enjoyed with their service and food.

  • 123

    My sister went there, had to wait 3hrs to get her food and she was charged for a diff steak then what was served an ontop of that the side of veggies that came with it was dismal. I would advise never to go there on a busy night as the staff /kitchen rnt equipped to handle a full house

  • Ashraf

    ‘123’ That only happened on the 1st day… I guess it happens at many places on the 1st day. Come by give it a try and if your food takes more than 25 min for well done, the meal is on the house.

  • abc

    Hi 123,I have found ur comment very interesting considering everyone elses comments are fair. I personally love the place, and everyone that has visted. People all the way from france to dubai… Have loved the food and quality of the product and service, by far we have been waiting fo such a place to open in oman. I have seen people ordering 3 steaks in a row for themselves cause they love it..I suggest you reserve before you go on busy nights.

    Why would you wait for 3hrs….for food…hmmmm its thought I leave for u.

    The steak company keep up the good work…. I advise everyone to go there.

  • siham

    Finally a well managed restaurant with exceptional quality of food. Will defiantly be a regular!!!!  

  • Siham

    •          Finally a well managed restaurant with exceptional quality of food. Will definitely be a regular!!!!  

  • Ahmed Osman

    I went to The Steak Company with 2 of my friends where we all ordered different steaks. My friends ordered a South African fillet and South African T-Bone, and I ordered the Australian T-Bone. All were cooked medium. We all thoroughly enjoyed our steaks which were huge, and we tried each others steaks to have an idea of how the other steaks were. 
     I’m known to be extremely picky about my food, so a compliment from me is a big deal. I went to the Meat Company in Dubai the next day to have a direct comparison, and I must say they’re almost on par with each other. The portions in the Steak Company however are superior to those at The Meat Co and also at a lower price, so in terms of value for money also, The Steak Company comes out on top. The only thing I can comment on was my mashed potato which was slightly cold, but I wasn’t too bothered with that as my attention was on the meat.Service was excellent, friendly and professional, and our orders didn’t take too long to arrive.The team at the steak company are doing an excellent job, I hope they manage to maintain these high standards which they have achieved. I’m glad Oman has a good steak house we can delve into.

  • Unknown

    It seems like a good place, but the prices are highly, arent they?

  • Unknown


  • Zoopkabir

    @Unknown: High compared to what? MacDonalds- yes. You are getting proper quality beef (and other ingredients) in a nice ambience with good service, embrace it for a change as it doesn’t happen often in Oman!

  • The Arany Family

    If one wants to enjoy a fat juicy absolutely delicious steak, head to the Steak Company in Bareeq Al Shatti for sure! The meats are so flavoursome, and the gravy/sauces that are served alongside go down really well. The ambience is nice and so is the decor, with service being spot on! The menu looked interesting, and we as a family plan on definitely going back again to dig into more delectable steaks and starters that they have on offer!

  • Em

    I have been to the Steak Company a couple of times and have to say I was really impressed with the food especially the way the staff encourage you to eat the steak without the sauce for the first bite. The South African steak was brilliant and my other half wanted to order a second one! There were a few hiccups relating to the way our steak was cooked, but thankfully it was underdone rather than overdone so I think we will all agree it’s better for that to happen and for the steak to go back on the grill for a couple more minutes than completely overcooked!

    As many people have said in the comments above, there have been a few teething problems but when the food in general is good and as well priced as it is (I personally don’t think it is too expensive for the quality of meat you get) you are willing to forgive a few slip-ups and give them time to iron these problems out as they are still new on the scene.

  • Aljamalani_k

    Best steak ever not only me , my partner also loved it. looking forward to visit it soon
    I would give them excellent everything there is nice except its too cold

  • Ifan Morgan

    Wow I’m very excited having read the above comments, and kicking myself for not having been to the Steak Company already.  Ashraf, any plans to add Gratin dauphinoise and Chateaubriand to the menu ?

  • Anonymous

    The Steak Company is by far one of the best restaurants in Oman! I took my wife there today for an early dinner, i had the house’s recommendation which was a massive 1000g NZ Tomahawk while my wife had the Australian Angus Rib-Eye! Both of which were beyond description! we started off with the South African Sausage dish (4got the name) and the Crab Cakes! The service is excellent and the staff were very tentative. For what its worth, i’d recommend this place to everyone i know, keep up the good work!

  • I ate in the steak company  like 2-3 times, and the meal was surprisingly awesome. I am a meat lover, and steak falls in that category. The Tomahawk is a meal for beasts, and i ate that steak like it was my last day on earth. Definitely would keep on returning back to the restaurant on a back to back basis. Keep It Up…. 

  • Samir Al Maskari

    Finally in Oman, a steak place with a family oriented atmosphere. I might be late to post a comment on the page but I’m a regular at The Steak Company and should’ve wrote about it long time ago. I’ve tried every steak in the place and I have a clear idea about what i always order when i go, i recommend every one starts with the South African sausages before ordering steaks, guaranteed to have an amazing meal throughout your time in the restaurant. I’ve been to The Steak Company since they opened and i cant complain about the 1st day service since its a normal thing to happen, the service quality now is very good and they adhere to the steak time frame based on how you like your steak. Good Job to Ashraf. Nasha, the staff & chefs. i’ll be there in few minutes for lunch, see you. 

  • Faris

    My favourite restaurant in Muscat.   Have
    always enjoyed the food there. Everything speaks of quality, from the steaks to
    the excellent chocolate fondant.  The staff
    are always on hand to advise on the cuts of meat and appropriate cooking styles
    as well as on the daily fish offering.   In particular have enjoyed the recently refreshed
    menu, include the Blackmore wagyu steak.

  • Raj

    THE ONLY place to let your taste buds feel what STEAK is all about. Have tried many places in Muscat which are awfully ridiculous but the Steak Company THE BEST. Besides being excellent in their food quality, the team really take personal interest in what one likes and me i would always go back again and again because it is value for money and friendly team which completes the steak experience. I would not say this is a place one MUST try, but it is like MUST visit.. cheers

  • N. AlMaskary

    Simply Great foOd and amaZing ServiCe !! I wasn’t a big fan of steak , but after trying steak company, my friends outing dinners are always at steak company.. Very friendly well managed team, you dont have to wait long for your food to get served, and the dessert is ALWAYS delicious <3 Highly Recommended !! GoOd Job S.C team keep it up 😀

  • Sergio Morales

    I have just had the best ribeye steak so far in Oman. The flavor of this greatly cooked steak was so good, I didn’t put any chimichurri on it. I definitely recommend this restaurant to anybody who wants to treat himself well. Not cheap, but absolutely worth the price. Mabruk to the chef and staff!

  • Haitham

    I’ll sum it up quickly The steak was awesome and the side dishes were equally amazing.  Atmosphere outstanding. Service 5 Star from every aspect. Seating on time with reservation scores big points when the place is packed. Both the Assistant stopped by the table to make sure everything was well. I’ll be back soon as I need to try a few more items on this very attractive menu.
    Don’t overlook this place. It would be easy to miss

  • Beppe

    Finally we had time off work to savour again the menu at The SteakCompany – Bareeq Al Shatti.  Today I tried the carpaccio of beef. Unlike the traditional carpaccio you would find in italy, this one had a different twist.  Thin slices of prime filet of beef, shaves of parmiggiano, rocket leaves, a few capers and a drizzle of balsamic. The difference was a mini (yet genorous portion) of steak tartare in the middle of the plate.  A very pleasant surprise. Over the years I have tried many plates of carpaccio and professionally worked as a chef for a long time and the common mistake found in this dish is that far too much lemon juice is used. Although citric acid helps marinade the meet, too much will spoil the flavours from the recipe itself. All the ingredients on that plate complimented each other making a wonderful starter.
    For the main an amazing 500gr Tbone steak. No comment, just always fresh, tender and cooked to your liking.

  • AMR

    When I went to the Steak Co. for the first time it was just for the sake of trying out a new restaurant in town, as I personally do not really like meat and I always go for chicken and fish, so I was not that excited, however, after having my meal I was SO glad that I have went there, the Steak was simply Yummy, I have tried the South African fat-free filet mignon, it was SUPER GOOD. Considering that I do not really like meat, this experience have made me love steak, but am sure not any steak would do the job.. The Sofas were comfy, The service is really good, the food didn’t take long time to be served, their lemon-mint juice is so good, and I must say I LOVED seeing the owners – who am proud to say that they are Omanis- are running the place by themselves and with passion!! This added a personal warm touch to the place, this really made feel that it’s not any regular restaurant!
    Anyhow, regarding the second visit, I had the New York strip steak – medium well, and hmmm I didn’t really enjoy it much, the fat really bothered me, I couldn’t chew almost ¼ of the steak which I didn’t like.. Apart from that the steak was well cooked; it’s good that I have tried though so I won’t order that type again. Moreover, the seating didn’t really make me feel comfortable; the plastic chairs are not really a good choice for a fine restaurant like this!
    Extra suggestions,
    1. The available sauces are good, but it would be great, if more options of sauces were available, maybe because I do believe that sauces are essential, for me at least, to further enjoy any kind of food.
    2. Considering the place with its above-the- average kind of food and the modern atmosphere; I really did not like the plastic chairs, I would find it classier if they were more like the modern type of comfy cushioned seats to go along with the rest of the interior design and style..
    Value for Money, not really attractive.. For the steak with the juice and a starter which was shared between three, we have paid 15 R.O each…
    All on all, am happy to have such a fine restaurant in Oman where you can have a good time with good company and of course with good food.. but again, as am not a meat lover, I won’t be a regular customer but definitely if I craved for some steak I would think of Steak Co. as one of the best options!!
    Good Job Nasha and Ashraf..  You make us PROUD… Keep up the good work!

  • sylva

    WHAT A GREAT PLACE! My friend and I discovered it on New Year’s Eve 2011. Before going to the Opera Gala.
    What a wonderful discovery it was. Starters were delightful soup (lentil) and the Jarjeer salad were just marvelous, fresh and tasty. The came the main dish, we opted for the chicken, (I don’t eat meat) it was so tender and tasty. We loved it. The owner was a delightful young Omani lady Nassha. She was delightful and very serviable… at the end she served us with lovely freshly baked cupcakes which we ate on the way to the Opera… It was a great expereince.
    From that time on….I took almost all my freinds, we go after attending an Opera evening, most my friends and colleagues love it. I tried almost all dishes except the stakes… BUT.. my friends did, and they thought it was HEAVENLY.
    Talk about great value for your money… priced very reasonably, in addition to wonderful servers and owner… Husband and wife, they are the most delightful couple.
    Please try it… you will absolutely love everything in this restaurant.
    Now they are even opening for lunch … even better… I shall keep going back, I don’t even live in Muscat, but I don’t mind driving only to have lunch or dinner at the Steak Company, there is more than Steaks in this restaurant… TRY THEM… Bon Apetit

  • Kamakazy

    I can say this with all confidence after trying most if not all steak houses in Muscat… The Steak Company takes the cake hands down, without a doubt…. I have been there about 10 times now and each time I have got my steak urges quenched with their juice steaks…. They have always gotten it just right with both included sauces giving that extra burst of flavour…. I would highly recommend the Wagyu Rib Eye (medium rare) if you really want to treat yourself and for desert go for the Chocolate Fondant, you can thank me later….

  • hasoona

    i went there and i really loved the srvs and how they deal with the customer , its just amazing ,and when it comes to food to be hounest i had very lovly yummmu meal and at resanble cost ,many thanks to (Nas7a and ashraf) i think we gonna be ir regular customer .

  • Ali Alsulaimani

    Satisfaction is what i always experience after a meal. … I make sure that i am really hungry before going there so that i can order the mouth watering, stomech filling 🙂 tomahawc…
    Really guys. … Its only about the stake, its how you feel after you’ve had your meal. ….

    Thumbs up to the founder and the steak company team

    Keep up the good work

  • Sofia Sorensen

    It’s definitely one of the best place to eat a good piece of meat in Oman. I recomend it to everybody who likes tender and high quality steak. The service is also nice. It’s always a pleasure to eat in this place.
    Hope you continue down on this way for long.

  • SYF

    It’s really nice to found out that they took my notes as a customer and actually do improve their products. The food was good and so was the service too. Thanks.

  • Samya

    just had it for my dinner, steak was so yammy one of the best in Oman, i just loved, service was excellent…100% i will visit it again sometime very soon…..
    thank u and please keep it up the good customer service.

  • Adrian Blakey

    I ate there for the second time last night. The service again was first class, my starter of Boerwors Sausage tasted delicious and my fillet steak was cooked to perfection. I will definitely be a regular visitor.    

  • Waleed

    Tonight we had the best steak in town. The Steak Company steaks are great. We had the fillet mignon, one was cooked well done and the other medium well. Both were cooked to order. In fact, I would recommend the medium well even for those who normally prefer well done steaks. The starters were also very good.  Don’t miss the opportunity to try their steaks. The price is fair for the quality of steak and food you get. The ambience and service are exceptionally good. All very friendly, prompt and helpful.

  • Imran Din

    Tried the ribs at the steak company. They are extremely delicious and juicy. The rib sauces is so tasty that it makes your mouth water. Highly recommend that everyone goes there to try them out.

  • Info

    Hospitality and very nice food

  • Info

    Best stake in Oman .. Keep up the good quality 🙂

  • Info

    Very good experience as usual;)

  • Mohamed Ahmed Al-Harthy

    In short words : Best steaks in Oman !!
    U can’t find better steaks anywhere else
    Seriously ,, they cook them “with love”
    Thanks you Mr. Ashraf

  • Lindsey Hoffman

    The Steak Company is a great place to eat dinner! I’ve been a vegetarian for more than a decade but my baby-to-be had me craving meat. I am so glad there is place like this that I can get good quality meat to satisfy my craving. Everything was delicious and the service was great! Thank you so much. I will gladly take guests even when I’m vegetarian again!

  • Shaun D

    Great food, the meat is never frozen and you can taste the difference between the steaks here and other places in Oman. Starters are good, calamari is the only one that could use improvement. A bit on the pricier side, but well worth it when ur in the mood for a good steak. Service is excellent too! One of the few places where the filipino waiters don’t give you attitude. 9/10

  • Taymour Jana

    This is honestly one of the best places to have a decent meal. I would recommend everyone tries it. I personally say they have it all, from the welcome to the order to the taste of food, and even the value for money.
    The sausages and crab cake for starters are just magnificent and I wish you make a main course out of them. I tried bother the South African and the Australian beef mingion and they are both good but the Australian touched my taste buds in different ways.
    Im sure you will be seeing a lot of me and my friends around.
    All the best and keep it up

  • The_rock1338

    I went there with a friend we said we will try the place out the food was amazing and the waiters were so kind and always smiling the food I felt could of been a bit cheaper but the taste made the price a thing of the past it was a great experience to be in a professional restaurant

  • Anwar Al-Asmi

    Guys, seriously, my South African Ribeye was prepared and served to perfection – service was great, and the environment very hip. I don’t think there is a better steak in town. If you LOVE meat, then rest assured the food at TSC is prepared by meat lovers, and it shows! Best money I have spent eating out in a while 🙂

  • Terence Pereira

    The best steak house in Oman. Probably the best business owners I’ve ever come across in Oman! Always open to suggestions and a lot of fix its to make your meal a perfectly enjoyable one.

    I thought this would be a one off for me as I can’t do without a nice glass of wine with my steaks, but alas The Steak Company has kept me coming again and again… to no end.

  • Ehes

    My wife and I had an excellent experience at TheSteakCompany on a Wednesday night in celebration of her birthday.  Waiters and owner were attentive and highly responsive without being annoying, food was well prepared. Boerewors starter was outstanding, one dish sufficed for the two of us but I may want one all for myself next time.  Food preparation and presentation superb.  Quality U.S. steaks are now available as well.  Surprise birthday cake and flowers made the evening even more memorable.  Very much looking forward to a return visit.

  • Ahmedlamki

    The staff were excellent with very friendly charm. The food was excellent could not stop eating.

  • Yasir82

    Great quality food and service with a smile. Very satisfied every time i go and i have found the management to be very open to suggestions.

  • Awesome place. Not only are the steaks cooked to perfection, but what I found delightful is the service. Face it, I have had better restaurants and service in places like Dhaka compared to Muscat.

    But the service at this place got me totally hooked and coming back for more.