Dec 30, 2011

The SteakCompany – Bareeq Al Shatti

The SteakCompany (Telephone 9411 6600 – Map) is a steakhouse located in Bareeq Al Shatti Mall. The SteakCompany is located in the same spot as the now defunct Abala, but it is not owned or operated by the same people. The SteakCompany is relatively new and at the time of this review the restaurant has only been opening for dinner and not lunch.

The SteakCompany has mostly maintained the look and feel of Abala and looks really amazing withs glamourous lights and sleek furniture. The SteakCompany also has a few tables outside the restaurant, which dont necessarily have the greatest view, but I guess are still an option for smokers. We went early on a weekend evening and the restaurant was not crowded at all.

The menu of The SteakCompany offers starters, salads, sandwiches, steaks, and a grilled sea food and chicken section. For the starters we wanted to try to the Carpaccio and Calamari Rings, but neither of these starters were available, so we went for a plate of Garlic Prawns (RO 2.900) – which had jumbo prawns cooked in garlic and coriander sauce, and a plate of Boerewors (RO 2.000) – which was a South African sausage dish cooked in tomato salsa.  I thought that the Prawns were good, but not very memorable, and I thought that the Boerewors on the other hand were quite special and really nice.

The steak section of menu of The SteakCompany is divided up into three categories, New Zealand angus beef, South African prime beef, and Australian black angus beef. Each of these beef types are offered in a variety of cuts such as New York Strip, Rib Eye, Filet Mignon, and T-Bone. The SteakCompany offers two sauces with its steaks, pepper mint and Argentinian chumichuri. Each steak is offered with vegetables accompanied by mash potatoes, chunky fries, or potato wedges.

I ordered a medium-well Australian Rib Eye (RO 13.900) with crunchy fries. Unfortunately my steak came as medium-rare, I informed the restaurant staff about this, and they offered to take it back to the kitchen to cook it more, but I chose to try it out as I have never tried medium-rare or rare meat before, after starting to eat my steak though I discovered that it wasn’t consistently cooked at all as it was medium-well on one side and rare on the other, which was a bit frustrating even though I liked the chumchiri sauce and the little vegetables that came with the steak.

The other three people who came with me for dinner did not have the same problem with their steak and enjoyed what they had more than I did.

For the desserts The SteakCompany offers Chocolate Fondant, Cheesecake, and Date Cake. We went for a Date Cake (RO2.200) that came with ice cream on the side which we enjoyed.

In total we ordered 2 starters, 4 steaks, 1 dessert, 2 soft drinks, and 2 fresh juices. Our bill came to RO 50.295.

Besides the incidence of not having my steak cooked well, I thought that the service at the SteakCompany was still very good. The staff seemed to be friendly and helpful and our food did not take a lot of time to arrive.

I am still willing to give the SteakCompany another chance even though my steak wasn’t cooked properly. I am hoping that the problem I had was just an isolated incident.

Have you guys been to the SteakCompany? What do you think of it?

  • Arwa Barwani

    The steak company is one of my favorite restaurants! I’m craving it as I’m writing this! I hope one day they would open a branch in Salalah “yes I live in Salalah ” I wish them the best

  • azza alsharji

    Never been a steak fan, but the steak at the steak company is amazing, and the service is great, i just love the place, great food n great service guess we can’t ask for more

  • Magdalena

    I absolutely L.O.V.E. the SteakCompany! It’s nice to finally have a decent steak house in Oman. The food is amazing, the ambiance is great and the customer service is excellent. Their steak is exceptional and I love their boerewors. I normally go for the chocolate fondant for dessert – it’s the perfect way to end your meal.

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  • Stella

    The steak company is amazing!!! Hosted the adult section of my daughter’s birthday there on the 20th of this month. Their steak is lovely, perfect service, nice environment. My guests were very impressed, and all want to go back for another treat.
    Would I go to The steak company again? …Hell YES!!!!!!!!!!!
    As an expatriate here, I am impressed with this kind of service in Oman. Keep on with the good work.

  • Had the Australian Rib-Eye and believe me, this place lives to the expectation. The food is great, the service got better and the restaurant manager recommends your meal incase you think Steak was just a bulk of meat. Would give it a 5/5 but the location is not an excellent choice. Overall 4/5. Keep it up.


  • i love the borrowers there, as for dessert you should also try the Chocolate Fondants

  • Patrick

    Flippin awesome! Good food, good prices, excellent ambience. Really impressed by the quality. Definately coming back again soon!

  • By far the best steak ever and cooked to perfection to boot!!!

  • Haneen Suhail

    Great restaurant, scrumptious meal and very pleasing staff. Overall a fantastic experience definetly a place i would visit again.

  • Shagufta binth Hasham

    From start to finish evrything about this place is a perfect 10…. the service the ambience the food absolutley amazin ….and the owners the husband wife duo u make us Omanis proud keep it up…….. u gonna c a lot more of us at ur restaurant

  • Nabeel Al Ismaily

    Honestly this is best steak I’ve ever had, I will recommend every one who never try pls do, you will have worm welcome, help of chose your meal in case you get confuse .
    Keep it up .

  • Naved

    Just had a great dinner with family tonight at The Steak Company. The staff was very polite and efficient. Service was fast and the food was delicious. Even my 2 year old twins enjoyed the rib eye n the cocktails. The owner also went to every table to check if the service was ok. I will definitely be going back for more often as I just loved the experience.

  • Mel Angelo

    It’s simply the best steak house in Oman… we loved the food, the great service and the ambience. We will definitely come back for more….

  • Zamzam

    One Of the Best Places to Have Steak in oman Seriously!! like finally we have a place where we enjoy food and company.. I always Satesfy My craving for Steak at the steak company.. from the starters to main corse and desert it is all simply mouth watering.. Right now am talking about this,, thinking about t makes me want to drive to the steak company and Enjoy a juicy Rib eye steak with warm mashed potatoes.. Well done guys..

  • zamzam

    I totally agree with you!! 😉

  • Zamzam

    ASAD!!! I totally agree 😛

  • Chris Thodos

    Excellent steaks best steak house in Muscat, you will want to go back for more.

  • mohammed yousuf alrawahi

    Its hard to find a restaurant that has the talent and potential to have it all, but it didn’t seem to be very hard for the steak company to pull off, the service is alive and incredible you’d assume you’ll have to wait for a steak on a weekend night, nope, not a problem.
    the menu is appetizing and the food is incredibly delicious with the creative and eccentric drinks available.
    the theme and mood of the interior was set amazingly from the tables and chairs to the lighting and walls.
    the steak company should be in anyone’s best five restaurants list topping at number one.
    if you haven’t stopped by the steak company then you were too blind to miss a piece of heaven on earth.
    i highly recommend the steak company to anybody out there that is just sick of eating bad food.

  • Veronica

    It was a pleasure going to the Steak Company, the service is excellent and the staff were very friendly. I went with a group of people and they really enjoyed it. Steak is my favourite food and my steak was delicious. I appreciate that the sauces are on the side and not covering my steak. Some people in the group had desert but I didn’t, although I wish I had, it looked delicious. I will definitely go there again.

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