Feb 19, 2008

The Noodle House – City Centre

The Noodle House

Something is happening in town, several high-profile new restaurants opened all almost at the same time during the last couple of months, one that I visited and had to write a review about is The Noodle House, a Chinese restaurant in Muscat City Centre. The Noodle House is found on the first floor of City Centre, right at the entrance of the newer side of the mall (same side as the Boarders bookstore). It is really nice to have an option other than Chili’s for people like us living on that side of town (we do not acknowledge the existence of Hamburger Nation, we are THAT much unhappy with it).

The Noodle House

The seating of The Noodle House is quite unique, it is very spacious and open. The main seating area in the center of the restaurant is made up of long tables and benches on which diners have to sit on. It kinda feels funny at the first few minutes when sit on s bench because there is nothing to support your back, but you can drag the bench a bit closer to the table and then lean on the table, I thought that this felt more comfortable. There are regular chairs on all tables by the sides, so you can sit on any of these if you cannot sit on the benches.

The Noodle House Menu

Part of the ‘Noodle House Experience’ is ordering from their menu, each table has a paper pad of menus, from which you have to tear one and mark up dishes you would like to have. The menu has a selection of appetisers, wet noodles & soup, wok fried noodles & rice, specialities, and desserts. In addition to the order pad, there is a long list of drinks on the table. They have tens of ice teas and fruit soda mixes.

The Noodle House

The Noodle House

I’ve been to The Noodle House twice: the first time I shared two dishes with a friend, the second time I went with a large group of people and we ordered more than half the menu, it was cool as we tried everything, but the problem was that I had no idea what I ate or what I liked the most, so I really don’t think I can make any serious recommendations on what to try, but generally we were very happy with the food. It was rich with flavour, very nicely presented, and in a good quantity.

The Noodle House

You should watch out when ordering that not all dishes come with rice or noodles, especially ones from the Specialties section of the menu, but you can order side dishes such as vegetables or rice to make for it.

The Noodle House

Desserts are also usually ordered in advance at The Noodle House. We tried the banana beignets with mango syrup and vanilla ice-cream, a friend of mine was crazy about how good it was, so we tried it but, we were no impressed with it as much as her. We also tried the crispy friend wontons with caramel ice-cream (pictured below), the group did not think that it did not have enough caramel, I didn’t think that it was special at all.

The Noodle House

Starters in The Noodle House cost from RO 2 to RO 3, main courses cost from RO 2.5 to RO 5, desserts about RO 2, and drinks range in price from RO 0.7 to RO 2. Two main courses, with three drinks cost about RO 13 – taxes included.

I had a great time at The Noodle House, even though I never tried their starters and did not like their desserts, but their main courses were great, the service was good, and the place has a nice atmosphere. Make sure you try it out next time you go to Muscat City Centre.

  • Soud Kindy

    Their Dew is good 😀
    I recommend the Shanghai noodles.
    The prices are a bit high, it costed us 21 OR last time n we were 2.

  • sexy banana

    noodle house is sooo good specially ther citrus blast and sweet and sour chicken its amazing!!!! 🙂

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  • Valentin Perez

    nice article! nice site. you're in my rss feed now 😉
    keep it up

  • William A Iuchs

    nice article! nice site. you're in my rss feed now 😉
    keep it up

  • Jean J Abts

    you are on my rss reader now

  • wow, delicious…

  • wow those foods make my tummy crave.. That place is fabulous all equipments, dinner ware and cutlery are well organized.. foods are delicious noodle lovers will surely love that place and i'm one of them

  • guest

    I liked the main courses but the desserts were a let down..rnI still think its a kind of expensive. But really good food, service and atmosphere 😀

  • Eta Architect

    Its my kind of resto that almost a week have to visit:D yah right desserts are not good.

  • Eta Architect

    My Favourit Wasabi Prawn. Know how to do the dressing now:D

  • Nigel A

    Hey can anyone tell me what are the tax rates for dining in, in this restaurant?

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  • ???? ????

    Oh no! Not the NoodleHouse! This like the world’s worst restaurant, the food is tasteless and isn’t excellent it isn’t good at all. I hated the place but nevertheless the staff are somewhat friendly.

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  • Burnsidefamily

    Tried the noodle house and i must say it was absolutely the worst food I have been served up…almost ever. I did not think it was possible to serve a bad laksa but it was completely flavourless like a bowl of greasy red gritty milk just with less flavour with over cooked noddles. the Shanghai noodle was bland with what tasted like boiled tough beef. even the kids meal had under cooked noodles in a consume of boiled water and i am being kind with this review. Service was poor to boot. And cost OMR 20 for the privilege. Will NEVER go back.

  • Burnsidefamily

    I completely agree with you.

  • Johann Dieter Van Deventer

    My fiance and I dropped in for a late lunch at Noodle House.BAD DECISION!

    To start with there was NO ONE to greet and seat us at the
    entrance! The place was busy and overcrowded and we had to find a place to sit ourselves. None of the staff noticed
    us. There were absolutely no table
    settings and after we waited about ten minutes a waiter strolled over to take
    our order. Again no one attempted to set
    the table with cutlery , napkins or anything.

    Then we waited …. and waited …. at last our drinks
    arrived. And the waiter did not notice that there was no cutlery on our table.

    We then waited 40
    MINUTES FOR OUR ORDER which consisted of 2 simple noodle dishes.

    Then just as I was about to get up and leave, our waiter
    came with our food and put the plates
    down on our bare table. and left. I had to stop another waitress and pointed
    this out. She then mumbled an inaudible ‘sorry ‘ and grabbed some cutlery from
    the table next to us and put it on our table. My Singapore Chicken and shrimp
    Noodles tasted bland , but maybe I had lost my appetite because of the long

    The management and staff should definitely sit down and
    think of some strategies to improve their service.

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