Dec 23, 2012

The Indus – Opera Galleria

The Indus

The Indus (Telephone: 2202 2888 – Map) is an upscale Indian restaurant located at the Opera Galleria in Shatti Al Qurum. The Indus is located in the strip of the currently empty stores between the Royal Opera House car park and the Royal Opera House main building, it is not actually inside the Opera Galleria mall. It is not easily seen, but you can find it by looking for the Persian rug coming out of one of the doors.

The Indus

The Indus is a spacious restaurant with an elegant colourful Indian theme. The main dining area has a nice looking sculpture of a person reaching out for the heavens (or something like that) I thought it was pretty cool! The restaurant also has a number of private dining rooms and a seating on the first floor terrace that overlooks the Royal Opera House main building. I came for lunch on a weekday and the restaurant was basically empty, it seems that very few people know that this restaurant has opened. The place seems to be perfect for a big business lunch or a formal gathering.

The Indus

The menu of the Indus is nicely smaller in comparison to the majority of Indian restaurants in this country. It has a kebabs section, a curries section, a variety vegetarian section, a biryani section, breads and desserts. The menu does not really make a distinction between starters and mains, we ordered a variety of things and asked for them to be served all in one go. The Indus is also licensed to serve alcohol, had a separate drinks menu, and uses alcohol as an ingredient in some of the dishes.

We were presented with a basket of rolled spicy papadums that were to be had with a variety of dips. We enjoyed the basket until we discovered that one of the rolls had a hair stuck in it! We informed the waiter about it, he apologized and took that piece away. We decided to move on and try to enjoy the rest of our meal.

The Indus

All our mains came at the same time as requested, we ordered a portion of Seekh Barkhasi (RO 6.900) which basically were spicy minced mutton kebabs cooked over charcoal, a portion of Murgh Khase Makkhan (RO 6.500) which had tandoori chicken pieces served in a tomato and butter curry. We ordered a Subz Biryani (RO 4.900) a potato biryani, and a couple of plain nan breads (RO. 0.900 each). I enjoyed the food a lot, I found the food to be full of flavor, not too spicy, and had a nice texture. The rice was great and light, but the bread was a bit too dry and flakey, which I don’t usually expect of naan bread.


I am not a big fan of Indian desserts, but I decided to try out the safest option just for the sake of the review, so we ordered some homemade ice cream (RO 3.500) which on that day was a strawberry and banana ice cream, which I have to admit was surprisingly great. It was fresh, had nice little chunks of the fruit and was unusually subtle for a dessert served at an Indian restaurant. I highly recommend it.

The Indus

For the drinks I tried the Mango Mania mocktail (RO 2.500), which had mangos, mints, and coconuts. I thought it was alright, a bit artificial tasting and not exactly mind blowing.

The Indus

I thought that the service at The Indus was a mixed bag. On one hand the staff tried their best to be friendly and hospitable. We were offered cold hand towel when we got in and hot hand towels when we finished eating, but after the waiters served the food on our plates, they put the pots with the remainder of our food on a try on the side and walked away. When we finished the food on our plates we couldn’t reach for our food to get it and nobody was there to serve our food except after a while. I am not the biggest fan of places where they serve you the food on your plate, but they could have placed the pots on our table and let us ‘refill’ our plates as we pleased.

In total we ordered two mains, one rice, two breads, two juices, one bottle of water, and one dessert. Our bill total came to RO 37.

I think that the hair incident is an isolated incident, but it is still totally unacceptable, especially when you pay all that money for your food. I am going to give the restaurant another chance, the food is good and the restaurant looks amazing, I think I still had a good experience overall.

Have you guys been to The Indus, what do you think of it?


  • Kim

    After I see hair I’d stop eating ! It’s good that you gave them a chance.

  • Rajive

    Just saw the review, thanks for all the positive comments but the ‘hair’ incident was quite unfortunate and reprehensible. Since I am in a way connected with the advertising for the restaurant, I will make it a point to bring this up with the Operations Incharge. Thanks for bringing this up because this sort of feedback is actually invaluable. We doo look forward to your visiting them again. They have launched a special ‘Quail’ menu for the New year’s eve and you might like to try it out. Also they have some Chef’s specials like the Dal-e-Indus and Rann-e- Indus which patrons have vouched to be the best they have ever had. Give us your feedback on the chef special items too. We look forward to your comments. Regards, Rajive, # 99256472

  • Ashraf Al-Mazrooe

    My experience at Indus was good, the food was nice. But I could not tolerate the smell of spices. Prices are on the high side, I can understand this due to expensive rent. The decor is my favourite…
    P.S. Extend your alcohol licence to the balcony…and get rid of the carpet on the ground floor or you may want to install it properly

  • Last time I passed by the Opera House I noticed that they installed a proper sign in front the entrance to The Indus, so many they got rid of the carpet. (Not sure)

  • Fatima

    My experience at The Indus was amazing,the prawns for starters and also Raan-e-Indus was delish,including their daal. And I think I’ll go over board with talking about Gulab Jamuns here,because they were heavenly and the best I’ve ever had! Plus I think the staff was very professional and knew how and what to suggest. The only drawback was that the day we went,service was a bit slow but we took it on a positive note and felt like we were actually being given time to get pampered enough with that scrumptious food. It’s undoubtedly the best Indian cuisine in town,with some great ambience as well! Keep it up 🙂

  • Faisal

    My experience at Indus it was outstanding its one of the best restaurant

  • bigmjt

    the food ws very nice… bt the hair incident hapnd with me and one of my friend…

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