Jun 15, 2011

The Great Kabab Factory – Al Khuwair

The Great Kabab Factory (Telephone: 2447 8373 – Map) is a Indian kabab restaurant in Al Khuwair commercial area somewhere opposite Pizza Hut and these bunch of restaurants on Al Kuleiyah Street.

The Great Kabab Factory is quite a spacious restaurants that can accommodate a big amount of people. We had lunch on a weekend and it wasn’t crowded at all.

The concept of the Great Kabab Factory is that you pay a specific amount for unlimited servings of kabab that get served to you in a special order at your table. Once you are seated you are asked to selected between the non-vegetarian option (RO 4.900)  or vegetarian option and then they will start serving you the food.

The order in which items come are usually as follows:

  1. Salad
  2. The signature minced lamb patty
  3. Mixed variety of kababs
  4. Biryani
  5. Dessert

After you get served the variety of kababs you can ask them to repeat any specific kabab you liked to have more of if you wish. Throughout the meal you will also get some dips, dalh, vegetable curry, naan bread, and a yogurt drink, too. From my understanding the actual items that get served differ from one day to the next, at times they serve chicken biryani and at others lamb biryani.

I thought the food at The Great Kabab Factory was amazing, especially their minced lamb patty which we got to spread over the flat bread they got us and make a sandwich out of.  I thought the variety of the kababs was OK, we had a couple of chicken ones and a couple of lamb ones. We had chicken biryani at the end and it was great.

Right when we finished they got us some Indian desserts which I just can’t ever get myself to like, they are way too intense for me to handle. (I know that I am a big disappointment for someone who is this much into Indian food). I think people who actually like Indian desserts will actually like the things they serve at this place.

Besides the yogurt drink you nothing else is included with your food, at that time we were they offered orange juice and watermelon juice – we got good old orange juice (RO 1.400).

I was really impressed with the service at the Great Kabab Factory, the waiters were cheerful, very talkative and tried to explain to us the things that were coming in.

The Great Kebab Factory advertises the non-vegetarian option to be at RO 4.900 nowadays, but this amount does not include an additional 8% service charge and another %9 of government taxes. In total we had 2 non-vegetarian selections, 1 bottle of water, and 2 juices. Our bill came to RO 16.010.

I really enjoyed my experience at the Great Kabab Factory, their food was excellent and the service was great!

  • Brit Omani

    I hear you about Indian desserts. I LOVE Indian food, but the sweets are just not my thing at all. I keep meaning to give Kebab Factory a go, so perhaps this weekend will be the one!

  • Zionangel

    We went for a company lunch wayback late last year. We were impressed u00a0with the ambiance. Their kebabs are not really Kebabs we use to know. The service is somewhat annoying…the waiters keep on coming and asking “you want this…you want that blah blah blah”. Why don’t they just put all in the table and its up to us to try- after all we are paying. I love their dips though:D

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  • Cheshirek1tty

    Nice reviews which will come in quite usefully when I visit. Just one question how much do you normally tip , as you’ve mentioned the service charge is included? Is that standard? Thanks

  • Mira

    The Price is higher now, it’s arround 8.000 per person. I love the place, looooots of food, nice waiters and clean and chearfull ambiance.

  • Amer

    Terrible!!! The menu had bland shrimp, oil soaked fish, and different variety of chicken at 8.4 OR
    Not worth the price. We left the table without eating our desert.