Apr 14, 2014

The Crepe Cafe – Oasis by the Sea

Crepe Cafe

The Crepe Cafe (Telephone: 2452 2569 – [geolocation]) is a cafe that serves sweet and savory crepes found at a number of different places around Muscat. We have previously written a short review about its pancakes, on this visit we came to their branch at Oasis by the Sea in Shatti Al Qurum to try out their breakfast.

Crepe Cafe

The Crepe Cafe is one of the few options available for breakfast every day of the week at the picturesque beachside seating area of Oasis by the Sea (unlike Slider Station which opens for breakfast only on weekends). We came around 10.30am on a week day and the place was quite busy, we still managed to easily find a table on the lower outside seating area behind the behind.

Crepe Cafe

The Crepe Cafe menu has an extensive list of savoury crepes (such as poultry, beef, vegetarian, and seafood crepes), omelettes, salads, sweet crepes, pancakes and waffles. For my main I ordered a Croque Madame (RO 2.800) which had a crusty toast, cheese, turkey, bechamel sauce and an egg on top (this was not on the actual menu, but on a separate sheet). My friend ordered a Spanish Omelette (RO 1.900) which had mixed vegetables and cheese. I really liked my Croque Madame a lot, it was rich, delicious, and extremely filling.

Crepe CafeCrepe Cafe

We were extremely full after our mains, but we were trying to be smart and ordered our desserts and mains at the same time. So for the dessert I had a Nutella Delight Crepe (RO 2.400) [not pictured] which had nutella, hazelnuts, whipped cream, and ice cream, and I also asked for an extra banana filling with it. My friend had a Mixed Berry Waffles (RO 2.500) which had mixed berries, fresh strawberries, and ice cream. Even though I was really full, I still forced myself to finish  the delicious nutella and banana crepe. I highly recommend it, but I do not suggest that you have a dessert on your own if you have a proper main before it because it will probably be too much.

Crepe Cafe

For the drinks we ordered an orange juice and a chai vanilla latte (RO 1.600). I had the orange juice and I had no issues with it.

In total we ordered 4 items, 2 drinks, and 2 bottles of water. Our total came to RO 16.150.

The service at the Crepe Cafe was not mind blowing, the thing about sitting at the lower side behind the mall is that the waiters will not easily see you and they do not seem to come often enough to ask if you need anything. It took ages for someone to come give us a menu and it took even longer for our food to arrive.

Regardless of the slow service we got, I still enjoyed my experience at the Crepe Cafe. The outside seating area is gorgeous and breezy, and their food is delicious. It is also a plus that this place is open for breakfast every single day of the week.

Have you guys been to the Crepe Cafe for breakfast? What do you usually order when you come here?