May 16, 2014

The Chocolate Room – Al Ghubrah

Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room (Telephone: 24499922 | Map) is a new chocolate dessert cafe located in Al Ghubrah. If you are coming from Al Ghubrah bridge towards the 18th of November street, this cafe would be located after the second traffic lights on the right side  in one of the new buildings on that street, it is very easy to find. Apparently the Chocolate Room is a franchise from Australia, I have never heard of it before, but they seem to have branches in the UK, India, and many other places as well.

Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room is a relatively big cafe and has a nice seating area that is bright and airy. We came on a weekend afternoon and the place was practically empty.

The menu of the Chocolate Room is long and offers a million and one different hot and cold chocolate drinks and coffee drinks, waffles, fondue, choco-pizzas, pancakes, ice creams, crepes, wraps, and salads. The Chocolate Room also sells chocolate boxes. If you have been to S&H Chocolate Lounge, this place has a very similar concept to it.

Chocolate Room

I came here after having a big lunch, so I only ordered Waffles on Stick (RO 3.000). This came as two waffles on a stick which could be had with four dips selected from a long list of options. We picked Crumbled Brownie, Chocolate Chips, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. The waffles came on a plate with the dips on the side, the waffles were great, but it was not actually practical to pour any of the non-liquid toppings on them or dip them in. The brownies we got were really rich and nice, it was unfortunately that there was no proper way to put them on the waffles. I thought the waffles were nice, but I did not think that was a smart item to order.

My experience at the Chocolate Room was very limited, so I think I will have to go there again to try other things. I really like its location and how it is somewhere central yet not crowded.

Have you guys been to the Chocolate Room?

  • Ali

    I didnt really like it, its not worth of having extra calories for lool, i had black forest crape and it came to be a white crape with frozen sweet cherry souce inside only with an ice cream at a side ,, was very dissapointing , other thing we orderd was death by chocolate and it was a very normal dry chocolat pan cake with ice cream only !!!!

  • Al Ajmi

    it was nice experience to visit the chocolate room, something unique in town and whatever i tested was awesome, i strongly suggest visit to this place.

  • gaurav

    This place is heaven!….service does go a bit slow during weekends….but their beverages are awesome….esp the chocshakes…chillers & choctails….also in food u have to try their waffles..pancakes…& the open house panino!

  • Awena

    This place was really cool and has relaxing ambiance. Really love the interior design… I had Open House Panino to partner with Shirley Temple Mocktails… And for the dessert? I had this CCC Sundae just so perfect dessert for this summer. And surprisingly, during my visit, they are having events like “baby shower party”… Decoration was really amazing! Great job Chocolate Room staff!