Aug 23, 2008

The Bollywood – Qurum Commercial Area

The Bollywood

The Bollywood (Telephone: 2456 5653) is a vegetarian Indian restaurant in Qurum Commercial Area right next to CCC. We felt adventurous a couple of weeks ago and decided to give this restaurant a go. The Bollywood has been around for years, it was previously known as Bollywood Chaat, but I do not know a single (Omani) person who has been to it before.

The Bollywood - Theme

The Bollywood restaurant is all (guess what?) Bollywood, the spacious restaurant is covered with photographs and posters in various shapes and sizes of Indian movie superstars. The crowd in The Bollywood is Indian and mostly families and couples. The Bollywood is not a fancy place unlike Mumtaz Mahal, the cost of food is lower and the service and venue is not as fancy either. I don’t think that it is licensed to serve alcohol because we were not offered a drinks menu. I don’t also think that were seated, we entered the restaurants and had to look for a table ourselves and only after we sat a waiter came to us with a menu.

Tandoor Platter - The Bollywood

The Bollywood only serves vegetarian food – we did not know that before sitting down. I personally considered leaving when the waiter told us this, but we decided to just give it a try because were not that hungry anyway. Unfortunately the menu of The Bollywood is not very helpful, it has all sorts of fancy ethnic dish names but they barely had any explanation of what that dish actually was.  We asked the waiter for help but he couldn’t explain anything to as at all. So we ended up picking stuff that had pictures of them on the menu. For the starter we had a Tandoor Platter (pictured above – RO 2.500) which was made up of different things which we did not know, some of these things had a texture of minced beef burger but tasted quite unique in a good way, some bits of it were moderatly spicy.

Cheese Paratha - The Bollywood

We also had a some paratha bread with cheese (pictured above – RO 0.900)  and some buttered naan bread (not pictured – RO 0.450) ,  the cheese paratha bread was awesome. It came perfectly warm and the cheese inside it tasted amazing.

Veg Biryani - The Bollywood

I very rarely eat rice on regular days, so I always take the opportunity to try out a rice dish  if I’m in an Indian restaurant, EVNE WHEN ITS VEGETARIAN… unfortunately though I did not like the vegeterian biryani (pictured above – RO 1.350)  of The Bollywood, it was quite spicy, but somehow I just did not like it. I did not like the mix of things they had in it and I thought that it was boring without any chicken.

Chole Bhature

My friend had a Chole Bhature for his main dish, it was a spicy chickpeas dish that come with funny looking bread.The only memory my friend has of this is that it was too spicy for him.

Kala Katta - The Bollywood

We decided to also try a new drink at The Bollywood, so we went for Kala Katta (pictured above – RO 0.400), we tried very hard to make the waiter explain to us what it was made up of, but we did not understand one word of what he said, the drink turned out to be some sort of fruit-like juice, reddish-black in coloured, it tasted quite sour and very weird (vimto and laban mix?). It was not cold enough and I did not like it.

At the end we had one starter, two main courses, some bread, two drinks, our bill came out at RO 7.850.

Our dining experiece at The Bollywood was quite *unique* to say the least, the fact that a place is vegetarian will probably be a turn-off to many people. The waiters did not guide us through the menu to help order stuff which we might like. I do not think that I will be going back anytime soon. However, I am sure that a vegeterian Indian family that has an idea of the food served would likely enjoy the place. Others willing to pay a little bit more for a better Indian experience can visit the Mumtaz Mahal instead where there is greater variety in food, the ambience is nicer, and the service is way much better.

  • When I was pregnant with the princess, I couldn’t stand meat, seafood, chicken, anything that used to breathe. however, I craved spicy food. I ate lunch there every single day.

    THe waitstaff are totally useless at interpreting the menu unless you are a hindi speaking indian vegitarian but there are some real gems. They make these pancake thingies with spinach and cheese that are amazing.

    Pregnant ladies, if you want something really, really, really spicy they can hook a girl up. The all you can eat lunch buffet is not to be missed.

    Nice review guys. Well done.

  • Very Good Review…

    I think you should go back with one of your Indian friends… the experience will be completely different … I went to Kamat alone … i almost killed by the food i ordered… then i went with some Indian friends and i couldn’t believe how great the food was ..

  • Ew, Bollywood and Kamat are the two places I hate in Muscat. They are simply overrated, and have crap veggie food in their menus. They are doing total disservice to Indian food.

    If you want to relish nice Indian veg food, head over to Woodlands (CBD), Saravana Bhavan (next to Ruwi flyover), Oman Express (Ruwi high street) or Annapoorna, behind Pizza Muscat, MBD.

  • Taby

    Hmmm…all said and eaten..Bollywood chat is known for the “chaät” & caters to the chaat lovers.Its not always easy to expalin a non-indian what a Chaat is , I won’t blame the waiters for that .Chaat is vegeterian but of a very different genre.I feel the place serves one of the best chole bhattures that I have tasted in Gulf. The ambience is nice and food is hygenic . I feel comparison to Mumtaz Mahal is a bit of unjustice to the place!

  • Actually, Kalla Katha is made from tamarind and other sweet fruit. It’s of Gujarati origin. I love Kamat better than Bollywood — at least you have good servers over there. MAy be you should try!

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  • lalitha

    This is the most pathetic review ever of an ethnic dining experience. When I go to Automatic the arabic restaurant nobody explains anything to me either about the various dishes, but I enjoy them never the less. Surely it should be well known by now that Indian food is spicy! I wonder why the reviewer went to a vegetarian place when he/she is obviously a meat eater! no wonder the review was so negative. it’s not as though the waiters stood over them and forced them to eat up all their vegetables or whatever. Better luck next time and don’t go where you are not comfortable.

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  • soya head

    given the crass comments about considering leaving because meat was not served, the review was quite positive. Why did you not like the biryani? Because you did not like the mix of things and it was boring without chicken? Number 1- what was the ‘mix of things’? Have a go at describing it please.
    Number 2- maybe you should have felt happy that for 1 meal in your life you didn’t eat a living thing that suffered in a tiny cage for 10 weeks before having its throat cut while still alive.

  • I would have loved to see pics of the ambiance but the dishes don’t look bad actually (should have put more pics of your vegetarian offerings). I was a bit surprised to read that it only serves vegetarian good (I mean are there lot of veg restaurants in that area?).

  • bladenomics

    Hotel Saravana Bhavan has possibly the worst Tamil or any South Indian food in Muscat. It’s quite a disgrace to the rest of the franchise which is well known for its taste and quality. The same HSB restaurant in Dubai, even Paris, was much much better. Hope the local HSB improves but they do have a monopoly for the madrasi cuisine and the local sponsors don’t bother to align its quality with the rest of the world.

  • bladenomics

    Actually, I have the same issue when I want to go to any ethnic restaurant like Turkish cafes. I m skeptical about what to order and often no explanation as wel. It is intended to be “fast food” and presentation and explaining is not a criteria for selecting the waiting staff. It is just speed and efficiency to help them maintain the crowd. (Like they say, do not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree). Having said that , I wouldn’t rate Bollywood very highly either. Just meant to say that the menu is very contextual to to its “theme” of bollywood and it is quite uniquely thought of as well. Just like how a non geek wouldn’t understand a Sci-fi/comic themed restaurant. And no surprises about Indian food being spicy right? :)Perhaps you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.