Jan 23, 2014

The Beach Restaurant – The Chedi

Chedi - The Beach Restaurant

The Beach Restaurant is located in the Chedi Hotel in Al Ghubrah (Telephone: 2452 4400 | Map). The Chedi has a few restaurants and the Beach Restaurant is the one found on the: beach! Though the names of the restaurants in the Chedi are generic (the Restaurant and the Beach Restaurant), the menu of each restaurant is different from the other.

Chedi - The Beach Restaurant

The walk to the Beach Restaurant is an experience on its own. Once you enter the hotel you have to walk across the exquisite lobby of the Chedi, pass by the breathtaking pool and then walk down the candle lit steps leading you to the beach. As you sit down at the Beach Restaurant you will be overtaken by the beauty of the symmetry, the magic of the lighting, and the calming sounds of the crashing waves.

The Beach Restaurant is semi-open and does not open in the summer season between June and September. We went on a weekday at night and the place was not very busy, however, it is recommended that you book a table before you go. Smoking is allowed in the Beach Restaurant, but we did not see any smokers. The crowd at the Beach Restaurant seems to consist of older couples and professionals.

Chedi - The Beach Restaurant

The menu of the Beach Restaurant is very small and serves primarily seafood. For the starter I had a portion of Omani Prawns (RO 11.5) which came coated in curry and coconut panko along with garden leave and a nouc cham dressing. The coating was thick and crunchy while the prawn it self was meaty and rich. This was surely one of the best starters I had in a very long time. I cannot recommend it enough. My friends also had a the Mussel plate (RO 9.5) [contains alcohol] and the organic mixed salad (RO 8.5). They both liked their starters a lot, too.

Chedi - The Beach Restaurant

For the main course I had turbot which was infused with lemongrass for 24 hours and came with mange-tout and baby corn (RO 15). My friends had  kingfish (RO 14.5)  and cod  (RO 14.5). We all thought that our dishes were cooked to perfection, were tender and delicious.

Chedi - The Beach Restaurant

For the dessert we went for the Chocolate from around the World (RO 6.500) which had truffles, chocolate mousse, and a variety of other chocolate desserts. The chocolate was delicate, rich, and enjoyable.

Chedi - The Beach Restaurant

The service at the Beach Restaurant was excellent, our food came without delay and exactly as ordered.

In total we ordered three starters, three mains, one dessert, and a few bottles of water. Our bill came to RO 104.

Our experience at the Beach Restaurant was amazing,  the ambiance of the restaurant is out of the world when the weather is good. While this is one of the most expensive restaurants you can go to in town, it is certainly worth visiting if you are looking for an exception dining experience.

Have you guys been to the Beach Restaurant or any other restaurants at the Chedi? What do you think of it?

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    We always go there to celebrate our anniversary (January). It is certainly the right place to have special dinners