Apr 29, 2013

Thai House – A Khuwair

Thai House5

Thai House (Telephone: 96150446 – Map) is a Thai restaurant located in Al Khuwair before the traffic lights near Ibis Hotel and Muscat Holiday. I tried it a few months ago, but could not publish this review except now. If you are coming from Ibis and drive onto the Dohat Al Adab Street, Thai House should be on the stretch of shops instantly on the right.

Thai House6

Thai House is mostly known for its takeaways, but the restaurant has a spacious dining area that is simple in layout and clean. The restaurant has an authentic ambiance as all the staff seem to be proper Thai people. During both of my visits the place had no other guests, even though many people were coming in and out for takeaways, save for one instance where two Thai ladyboys were dining in at the restaurant at the same time. That bumped the authenticity ranking of the restaurant up a notch!

Thai House2

Thai House serves a typical Thai menu that includes appetizers, salads, soups, and a variety of seafood and other mains. For the starter we had a tom yom seafood soup (RO 3.500) which came in a huge portion that could have easily been enough for three to four people. The soup was super spicy as expected and the prawns were juicy and delicious.

Thai House3

For the mains we had a portion of Chicken with Cashew Nuts (RO 3.500) and Seafood Pad Thai (RO 3.800). The portions of both dishes were good and were well done. I liked the Chicken with Cashew Nuts more than the Pad Thai during this visit.

Thai House4

I believe that Thai House serves desserts, but we didn’t try any during this visit.

In total we ordered one starter, two mains, a glass of orange juice, and water, our bill came to RO 12.300.

I thought that the service at Thai House was good, the food took a bit of time to arrive, but wasn’t too late. The portions of the food are excellent, and everything I had was delicious.

Though Thai House might not be as exquisite as Shang Thai, Thai House is still recommended as a good option for a casual Thai dining experience.

  • Jean M.

    A Thai woman I met in Muscat also recommended this restaurant to me a while ago and I finally tried it tonight. It is very small and its sign is a little faded and easy to overlook in the little strip of shops and coffee houses just past the Ibis Hotel – but worth finding! I think the food here is much better than at Shang Thai and also much less expensive. As Blu_Chi says, Thai House is also much smaller and more casual and does a lot of takeaway business. I got there shortly after they opened for dinner after Iftar and so my food arrived quickly. I forgot that Blu_chi had warned about the large portions and so was surprised when I received a giant bowl of Tom Yang soup. It was delicious and so turned out to be my main dish, along with rice and a dish of fried kale (also delicious). I had also ordered green chile chicken curry – also tasty – but I had to take it home because I just couldn’t eat any more food. Those 3 dishes and a can of Pepsi came to 11 OMR (most dishes are about 3 OMR), but I had ordered too much food for one person. The menu is extensive and much more seems available on signs posted in the restaurant. The degree of spicy heat can be adjusted to your preference. So, this a the perfect restaurant for you if your principle interest is great Thai food at very reasonable prices and you don’t mind a simple, lunch-room type decor. or just want takeaway. Friendly staff and a great chef! (Also – a clean toilet and washing facilities. Very important!))

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