Aug 11, 2014

Thai Corner – Al Qurum

Thai Corner

Thai Corner (Telephone: 9898 2257 – [geolocation]) is a Thai restaurant in Al Qurum commercial area. The restaurant is located in one of the small building opposite Al Qurum Garden, the place is currently quite messy with a bit of construction going around, so it might not be too easy to find a parking spot near the restaurant. 

Thai Corner

The seating area of Thai Corner is spacious, though it has this run off the mill look of a generic awkward restaurant and even Thai House is nicer than this. We went to this restaurant right before Ramadan for lunch on a weekend and the place was totally empty.

Thai Corner - Soup

The menu of Thai Corner is not too long and offers salads, soups, and mains. For the starter we decided to go for a prawn Tom Yum Soup (RO 3.900) and a Papaya Salad (RO 3.000). The Tom Yum Soup was great, the portion was good, it was not very spicy and was rich in flavour, I would have liked it more if it did not have a million kinds of inedible leaves in the mix. The Papaya Soup on the other hand was not too bad, it tasted great, even though it was a little bit too wet for me.

Thai CornerThai Corner

For the mains we went for a Chicken Mussaman Curry (RO 3.900) and Spicy Stir Fried Chicken Noodles (RO 3.000). I have never had a Mussaman curry before so I did not know what to expect. The one we got had coconut and spices and reminded me a lot of laksa. The soup had chicken pieces cooked with the skin and some potato chunks in it as well. I thought it was nice, but it did not have enough chicken at all. The bowl that cost almost RO 4 only had two tiny chicken thighs that barely had any meat on them. I was not a great fan of the Spicy Sir Friend Noodles, in my opinion it was not spicy at all and somehow it did not work for me.

Thai Corner

In total we ordered one soup, one salad, two mains, and one large bottle of water, our bill came to RO 14.500.

I thought the service at Thai Corner was really average, our food came quickly and as ordered, but after we were served our food, nobody came to ask us if we needed anything and it took ages for them to acknowledge our existence for us to be able to ask for the bill. Also our food was not served to our plates and somehow it was just thrown on side of the table. Finally, nobody came to clear the table even though we were in the restaurant for a while.

I thought the food was also average at Thai Corner, I did not like the main much and in one of the rare occasions for the Omani Cuisine, I actually left the restaurant not satisfied with the amount of food I ate. While, the restaurant is not super expensive, I thought the quantity of food we got was not worth the money we paid, especially the Chicken Mussaman Curry.

I did not enjoy my experience at Thai Corner, and even though I did not walk in expecting the grand service of Shang Thai, I hoped that this place would at least be of the same standard as Thai House – it clearly was not.

Have you guys been to Thai Corner, what do you think of it?