Jan 13, 2011

Thai Basil – Al Ghubra

Thai Basil (Telephone: 2449 9565) is a Thai restaurant located in Midan Hotel Suites in Al Ghubra. If you are coming fromthe 18th November Street and going towards Al Ghubra Roundable, you need to take the right turn before the Taste of India restaurant and Midan Hotel would be the second building on that road opposite the school car park.

Thai Basil is very spacious, quite, and looks really fancy. The picture above doesn’t really show how nice the place is, but it almost feels a bit out of place for Al Ghubra as there really isn’t anything like it in this part of town. We went to dine at Thai Basil during a working day evening, so the place pretty empty with the except of a couple of other tables. The place seems to attract couples more than anything else probably because of the quite atmosphere of the place.

Thai Basil offers a number of appetizers, soups, salads, an a collection of main courses. For the starters we ordered a plate of Koong Chup Pang Tod (RO 2.000) which was basically prawn tempura and was pretty good.

For the main course we ordered a plate of Stir Fried Chicken with Cashews (RO 4.500) which had strips of chicken breast stir fried with vegetables and topped with roasted cashews. We also ordered a plate of Bang Chiang (RO 6.200) which had marinated slices of beef cooked with onions, mushrooms, and baby corn. I thought that both dishes were excellent with the right level of spiciness, being the a pro chicken dishes person I would recommend the chicken with cashews over the beef, but the beef was also really really good. You should note that none of these dishes came with rice of noodles, so we ordered a basket of jasmine rice (RO 1.000) separately.

Thai Basil has a number of desserts such as ice cream, fruit salad, and coconut custard, but we didn’t like having any at the time so we didn’t try any. We also didn’t order any drinks and had only water.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 main courses, 1 basket of rice for a total of RO 15.050.

I thought that the service at Thai Basil was excellent and the waiters seemed to be friendly and talkative. The food didn’t take long to get to our table and was in perfect condition.

I cannot decide if I like this place more than Shang Thai or not, but it surely is one of the nicest Thai places to go for around that area. I highly recommend this place to someone looking for nice quite Thai dining.