Oct 15, 2011

TGI Friday’s – Al Khuwair

TGI Friday’s (Telephone: 2448 8899 – Map) an American tex-mex casual dining restaurant located in Al Khuwair. Friday’s is located in the City Seasons Hotel right on the highway opposite the Ministries District in Al Khuwair.

The seating area in TGI Friday’s is spacious and looks very nice with many articles of pop culture references hung on the walls all over the place. The restaurant has only opened very recently and many people are excited to finally have it in town so the place is usually extremely crowded for dinner and it is very likely to wait for a while before you get seated.

The menu of TGI Friday’s will look extremely similar to anyone who has been to Chili’s in Oman. It features a collection of fried starters such as chicken wings, nachos, and chicken strips, along with nachos, soups, and salads. For main courses, TGI Friday’s offers burgers, sandwiches, chicken mains, seafood mains, pastas, steaks, and fajitas.

I tried a variety of starters at TGI Friday’s in previous visits and on my very last visit I tried a fajita nachos which was surprisingly good, the nachos were not too crunchy and the toppings were excellent. It was probably the best starter I had at TGI fridays as I tried the platter before and the chicken strips which I didn’t like much at all.

For the main course I had a buffalo taco (pictured above) which basically had two chicken tacos served in soft tortila bread and came with a side of French fries. The tacos were a little bit large in size and messy, but I still successfully managed to have them without making a huge mess, I can’t say that this was the best taco I had in town, but it was still pretty good. On the other hand a friend of mine had a salad as a main course which she didn’t like much and thought that the greens in it were not fresh at all.

I cannot remember the name of the dessert we had, but it was basically a chocolate cake topped with ice cream and caramel served in a glass. We thought the caramel was a little bit too much, but we still enjoyed it.

We thought that the service at TGI Friday’s was OK, we did not face any serious problems with the staff and our food didn’t take too long to arrive.

I have been to TGI Friday’s three times now, and I think that their food is mediocre at best and is very inconsistent. The place is still super crowded at night as everyone in town is coming to try it out for the first time. If you have been waiting to give TGI Friday’s a shot, I advise you to wait until the hype dies off as by then hopefully the kitchen would have improved the quality of the food, in the mean time I suggest that you go to Chilis instead as the food they serve is almost identical.