Sep 23, 2011

Sultan Center Sushi Bar – Qurum Commercial Area

Sultan Center (2456 7666) has recently announced the launch of a new sushi bar in its Qurum branch where you can dine in and get takeaways from. The sushi bar is located in the far back of the ground floor of Sultan Center near what was supposed to be the hot food section (it was empty). The sushi bar at Sultan Center has about five or six stools to sit on which are extremely uncomfortable because they are way too low. Before we sat we asked the chef what kind of sushi we can order today, he handed us the menu and said we can order anything on it, but then it turned out that they were out of salmon so half the menu was unavailable.

Anyway, the menu of TSC Sushi Bar offers salads, miso soup, shrimp tempura, a long list of maki rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. The prices of the sushi were quite low: 6 pieces California rolls cost RO 1.900, 10 pieces Syo Sushi for RO 2.500, 6 pieces of Nigiri mix for 3.200, and 8 pieces of Tuna Sashimi for RO 2.500.

Our options were limited on that evening of our visit because they were out of Salmon, so we had a California Roll (6 pieces for RO 1.900) and  a Maguro (Tuna) Sushi (2 pieces for RO 1.600). We liked both kinds of sushi we had and they felt fresh, the California roll was a little bit clumsily rolled, especially the pieces that were at the end of the roll, it still didn’t crumble though and I enjoyed eating it. When we finished eating we were given the small price sticker they would usually put a hot food item and we had to go stand in queue with everyone else at the main cashier to pay for the food we ate.

I thought that the sushi at the Sultan Center Sushi bar was nice and great value for money, I would not recommend you eat at the sushi bar itself because it is uncomfortable and you would still have to go through the cashiers to pay at the end. Still a great option for a takeout for those looking for a quick healthy lunch in the Qurum area.

Sultan Center sushi bar also offers customized party trays which you can order 24 hours in advance by calling 2456 7666.