Dec 1, 2011

Slider Station – Oasis by the Sea

Slider Station (Telephone: 2469 8990 – Map) is a brand new burger restaurant located in Oasis by the Sea Mall. Slider Station is a Kuwaiti franchise founded by the same people behind B+F, the insanely popular burger restaurant in Bareeq Al Shatti. The restaurant is located inside Oasis by the Sea Mall right next to the indoors seating for Just Grilled and Chado.

Slider Station is very similar to B+F and has a lot of similar items on the menu, but the biggest difference between the two is, as the name suggests, the focus of Slider Station on sliders – the mini burgers.

I wasn’t allowed to take photographs of the seating area inside Slider Station for some reason, but they didn’t mind having me take pictures of the food I ordered.

The seating area in Slider Station is divided into two parts, one is for the bar that has the conveyer belt, and the other one is for regular tables. Unlike B+F, Slider Station is very spacious, has a lot of empty space, and seems more comfortable. The interior design of Slider Station is just as nice as B+F and has that garage industrial look going on, we sat at the bar to try out the conveyer belt experience and the seats were comfortable and had the right height. We should point out at this point that there is no difference between ordering food at the bar or from a table, the menu is exactly the same, but if you order from the bar you will have a number allocated to you and whatever you order will be delivered to around the conveyer belt with that number shown to indicate that this is your item.

The menu of Slider Station is divided into Silders, American Tapas, Salads, Burgers, Sides and Desserts.  For starters we had a portion of Dynamite Nachos (RO 2.750) – the nachos version of the good old Dynamite Fries found at B+F, a Delta Force Fries (RO 2.950) – fries topped with melted jack, cheddar, jalapenos, grilled onions, west coast sauce, maple sticky buffalo chicken and red onions. The Dynamite Nachos were amazing, but I wasn’t a big fan of the fries which had a little bit way too many things for me to know exactly what I’m having.

We were also offered a complimentary plate of Moroccan Sensation Salad, which had lettuce, cabbage, edam cheese, caramlized onions, roasted almonds, and croutons. I really enjoyed the salad and thought that it was excellent.

For the main course we decided to try out some of the sliders, selecting what to have was a bit challenging because there are a lot of options and everything seems to be good. I ended up having a Wagyu Portobello slider with portebello and rosemary cream sauce (RO 2.500) and a Obama Slider (RO 0.950) which had a breaded fried chicken with maple buffalo sauce,red onions, jalapanos, and rocca. The size of these sliders was small and you can almost have them in a single bite, however, I thought two were enough cause we shared three different plates before we got to this.

It is worth nothing that Slider Station still offers regular burgers in addition to these sliders, and unlike B+F, all proper burgers are served with fries on the side.

For the dessert we tried the Oreo Crusted Fondant (RO 2.950) which came with white chocolate ice cream on the side with wasabi crumble. I thought that the fondant was amazing, it was warm and rich from the inside, and the white chocolate ice cream was excellent, I couldn’t really taste any of the wasabi, but just having it on top somehow added to the experience.

In total we ordered 2 starters, 4 sliders, one dessert, 2 drinks, and a bottle of water, our bill came to RO 18.150.

I thought that the service at Slider Station was excellent, the waiters were friendly, talkative and gave us suggestions on what to have. Our food also came exactly as we ordered, but it was a bit confusing when the sliders came because we were two people and we were given a single number on the conveyer belt, so it was a bit difficult to try to guess which slider was which.

I still managed to have a really great experience at Slider Station and will be looking forward to go there again.

Have you guys been to Slider Station, what is your favorite slider there?

  • Scorrpio88

    Not into sliders but I saw Jalal’s post on this huge burger and I really wanna check it out

  • Sami

    O that scorpio is me samiasmi

  • ahmed jamil

    yeah been ther n yeah its nice. ther wagyu burger(the regular size not slider) was the most delicate patty of beef i hav tried in oman bt in my opinion the burger shouldnt hav been more thn 7.5ro. although deserts were average.

  • n wats the fuss about ther huge burger…the 1 i tried was average abit smaller thn average.

  • bt the burger was under seasoned…

  • Nasirchefturkey

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    i am an Looking for Arabian Chef Fun Friendship.
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  • purpule

    i was there yestrday, i really likrd the place compare 2 BnF, we order the west coast fires and it was great . the silders we taste were west coat,dynimate, grilled chicken, obama and there were goodie. in general the in was nice

  • Hilal Alsulaimani

    To be honest, b+f is better than slider station. However, The cost of the regular meal is reasnable .

  • Kiimy

    Loved the Moroccon Sensation Salad! Thanks for the review.

  • ihinai 961

    this resturant alongside b+f are my favourites in Muscat!
    Though i really favour the Delta Force (Slider Station) over the Dynamite Fries (b+f).
    Thank you for your reviews and i look forward to see more posts

  • Farah

    Good ambience
    Especially for teenagers. I felt old when i went there (though im 26yrs) but still loved it especially in Jan

    Good food
    lots of options but the staff help you with that and yes very talkative which is again,,fun for teens lol (whats with me and teens?)

    tried the nachos dessert..mmm not good

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  • mrhigherrr

    Got food poisoned twice from Sliders !!!!

  • Joe Human

    How has not one person across the internet (as far as I can tell) not reacted to the fact there is a slider named Obama that features fried chicken? This is an extremely offensive racial slur and should not be tolerated. It hasn’t been tolerated in other parts of the world (just Google Obama Friend Chicken) – Slider Station should be treading lightly. Change the name of the entree.

  • Burnsidefamily

    Tried it for the first time last night. Sat at the bar which my daughter thought was lots of fun like a sushi train. Great food, friendly service (staff came and told us which sliders were which as they cam around). Great experience for the whole family. Will definitely be going back.

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  • Jihan

    The place is amazing..loved the punch bag burger…but it’s abit oily but still juicy ????????..n the staff are very friendly