Apr 25, 2013

Shuwa Express – Bareeq Al Shatti

Shuwa Express

Shuwa Express (Telephone: 98072498 – [geolocation]) is a Omani fast food restaurant located in the food court of Bareeq Al Shatti.

Shuwa Express

Shuwa Express is primarily a takeaway restaurant, but it offers a few dining tables for those who want to have their sandwiches there and then. The restaurant has a nice minimalist Omani theme that is cosy and shows attention to small detail. Shuwa Express is still relatively new and it can be hard to find a table at peak hours as a lot of people are excited about checking it out.

Shuwa Express

Shuwa Express focuses on serving Shuwa, a Omani meat dish cooked in a traditional underground oven for a period of 24 hours before being served. Shuwa Express offers this meat as lamb or chicken with a variety of traditional and modern bread options, additional fillings and sauces.I had a lamb shuwa in traditional rukhal bread with the shuwa express special sauce (RO 2.200). My sandwich came as four small wraps with chips on the side, it was nice and light, the shuwa filling was well done and on par as with what the shuwa you can have in Ubhar. I was not very happy about my own choice of salads as lettuce did not work for me as an additional filling for the sandwich. In that aspect I think that I like Ubhar’s sandwiches more as they don’t give you the option to spoil your own sandwich.

Shuwa Express

For the juice I had a Shuwa Express Detox (RO 1.300) which I think had pomegranate mint and ginger, it was nice and refreshing, but did not blow my mind.

Shuwa Express also offers a few desserts, but at the time of our visit most stuff were out, so we could not try anything.

In total we ordered 2 sandwiches and two drinks. Our bill came to RO 7.000.

I thought that the initial service at Shuwa Express was great, the food came as ordered and pretty quickly. However, when we wanted to ask for the bill we had to ask the waiters almost five different times and waited almost fifteen minutes for it to come and that was very frustrating. The place is primarily a takeaway place, so I guess you cannot expect the best dine-in service.

However, overall I still had a great time at Shuwa Express, I love the concept and the food is good.

Have you guys been to Shuwa Express, what do you think of it?