Sep 15, 2011

Shiraz – Crowne Plaza

Shiraz (Telephone: 2466 0660) is an Irani restaurant located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Shatti Al Qurum.

Shiraz is located on the far left side of the Crowne Plaza with indoor seating and outdoor seating on the terrace. The seating of Shiraz is a bit old fashioned and not exactly sleek, but still comfy and quite spacious. The outdoor tables oversee the Love Lane and the ocean and can be amazing when the weather is nice. We sat inside though cause we didn’t think that it weather was great that night. A waiter suggested we sit at one of the tables next to the windows, but the one we sat on first was too close to the bread oven which made it feel a bit too warm so we moved to the other table after sitting there for a bit.

As soon as you get seated at Shiraz you get treated to a complimentary plate of mint leaves, walnuts, feta cheese, and some small vegetables, along with a yogurt dip with garlic and mint (not pictured). The walnut salad wasn’t exactly special, but the dip was delicious and addicting, especially when you have it with the freshly baked naan bread that feels so cloudy and divine.

The menu of Shiraz offers a variety of cold appetizers (mostly vegetables), hot appetizers, soups, rice specialities, stews, grilled kebabs, and seafood kebabs. Shiraz also offers some set menu dinning options.

We thought that the complimentary intro was quite filling and decided to go straight to the main courses, I went for a classic Irani dish from the Kebab section called “Kebab Bakhteyari” (RO 10.500 – pictured above) which had combination of grilled lamb and chicken fillets marinated with saffron and olive oil and served with three varieties of rice.  Other friends with me had a Mahi (Fish) Kebab (RO 11.500 – pictured below) and Gormeh Sabzi –  a bowl of lamb and bean stew (RO 9.800 – not pictured). I quit enjoyed my dish and thought that was well done and rich in flavor, I also thought that the portions served were quite large, too.

Shiraz serves a variety of ice cream desserts, but unfortunately we did not try any of them.

We tried one of the special drinks at Shiraz called Doogh, which was a yogurt drink mixed with a variety of spices, I thought that it was nice, refreshing, and not too thick at all.

It is worth noting that Shiraz is licensed to serve alcohol.

In total we ordered three main courses, 2 dooghs, 1 fresh juice, and 2 large button of water, our bill came to RO 48.370.

I thought that the service at Shiraz was OK, the majority of the staff members seemed friendly, but our food took a long time to arrive and the waiter who took our orders did not seem to be in her best of moods. However, that did not affect our overall experience at Shiraz, which was pleasant.

I enjoyed my experience at Shiraz, I thought that their food is great, the atmosphere is nice, and sitting outside during the better times of the year could be really an amazing fine dining experience, albeit expensive.