Nov 4, 2011

Shang Thai – The Wave

Shang Thai (2455 4774 – Map) has recently opened its second outlet in The Wave Muscat. I reviewed the original branch of Shang Thai in Al Khuwair in 2009 and it has been one of my favourite Thai places in town ever since, I was quite excited to come and try their fancy new branch in The Wave.

Shang Thai The Wave is located in the same commercial area of the The Wave next to Al Fair, Costa Coffee, and WHSmith. The place still remains undiscovered by many people and on the two of my visits to Shang Thai the place was quiet with a few customers other than our table. The seating area of Shang Thai is sleek, beautiful and feels nice even though there are no windows looking outside unlike their branch in Al Khuwair.

The menu of Shang Thai The Wave currently is a shorter version of the menu at their Al Khuwair branch, I was informed by the waiter that in the upcoming weeks the rest of the menu would be added to The Wave branch. For some reason we were not given the usual complimentary prawn crackers at our last visit even though the dips were there. For the starter we had a plate of tofu tempura – Tou Hu Tod (RO 2.700) which came with a small portion of greens on the side and a dip which I really enjoyed.

For the main course at Shang Thai The Wave we had a plate of Szechwan Chili Prawns (RO 6.200) – a prawn dish cooked with chilis and spicy szechwan sauce and a plate of Phad Krapao Gai (RO3.400) – chicken cooked with basil and mixed Thai spices. The mains at Shang Thai are not served with rice or noodles, so you have to order any of these separately, we ordered a plate of Khao Phad Je (RO 2.600) which basically was vegetable Thai fried rice. I thought that everything we had was excellent, especially the Szechwan Chili Prawns which were nicely made and spicy to the right point!

We didn’t get a chance to try any of the desserts at Shang Thai during my most recent visit to it, but I usually go for their Tempura Ice Cream which is quite nice.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 main courses, 1 bowl of rice, and 1 large bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 15.500.

I thought that the service at Shang Thai was good, the food didn’t take too long to be delivered to our table, and even though it was a bit hard to get a waiter to get our bill to us, when someone eventually did he was cheerful and pleasant to deal with.

The only thing that annoys me about Shang Thai is that they never offer a Omani person chopsticks to use, probably because they think Omani people don’t know how to use them or something, but they would automatically bring some to “white customers”! Anyway, I always end up asking them to bring me chopsticks and they go and bring them straight away.

I still really like Shang Thai, highly recommended for lovers of Thai food, and yeah, if you are Omani you will have to ask them to bring you chopsticks if you want some.

  • Songbird

    Nice review. It is not customary to use chopsticks in Thailand, they eat with a fork and spoon. 

  • Jean

    My friend and I ate there a couple of nights ago.  We chose to sit outside because the weather was so nice, but it really was too dark, even after the waiter brought a small candle lantern.  The starters we ordered were delicious and arrived quickly.  We decided to order our dishes without requesting any extra spiciness just to see how they would be, and they were tasty, but not very spicy (except for one dipping sauce!).  So, if you want some heat with your food, ask for it spicier.

    We did face one big problem when we ordered all our courses at the same time.  My friend and I chatted away through the starters and time passed.  After we had finally finished them and the attentive waiter had cleared the table, the main courses arrived lukewarm, with soggy fried tofu, etc.  These dishes had obviously been prepared some time ago as my friend and I had slowly worked our way through the starters.  We discussed complaining and sending the food back, but decided to be nice and just eat it.  So, my advice to talkative diners is to order your food as you go along, not all at once, or you may be disappointed by cold food!  And don’t eat outside if you don’t have good eyesight, or bring a flashlight.  The bill was moderate.

  • Mmean B

    nice review. i would love to know if you have tried  Samaak its a seafood resturant in Sifa next to teh project. i would appreciate if you can visit that and give us your review.

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