Oct 9, 2009

Shang Thai – Al Khuwair

Shang Thai - Muscat

Shang Thai (Telephone: 2448 3083) is a Chinese-Thai restaurant in Al Khuwair that opened earlier this year. The restaurant is located right next to McDonald’s in Al Khuwair. It shares its venue with Mirchi, an Indian restaurant, but you have to go upstairs to dine in Shang Thai. The restaurant is operated by Bu Al Hickman, the same company that operates Pizza Express in Oman.

Shang Thai Al Khuwair

Shang Thai is a very nice looking restaurant, but it is not as fancy as Silk Route or the Noodle House. The place is quite spacious. We went on a Wednesday evening and only about one third of the tables was taken.

Shang Thai - Intros

The menu of Shang Thai is pretty extensive, it has a number of vegetarian and non vegetarian starters, soups, salads, and various kinds of fish, seafood, chicken, duck, meat, and vegetarian main courses. After we made our orders we got a complimentary Shrimp Chips intro with some dips. It was nice, but nothing special.

Shang Thai - Prawn on Toast

For the starter we shared a Xiang Zha Dui Xia, (Prawns on Toast – RO 2.5). This was fried marinated minced prawns on toast which was served with plum sauce. I really liked it, I thought it was very tender and the sauce was excellent.

Chuchee Goong - Shang Thai

For the main course we had a Chuchee Goong (Prawn with Red Curry – RO 6) which had flavoured king prawns cooked in a spicy red curry. We also ordered a Gai Phad Samoon Phai (RO 3.6) which had stir fried chicken with Thai herbs and was served with some lemon grass and lemon leaves. We also ordered a Thai Fried Rice (RO 3) which was made up of stir fried Jasmine rice with shrimps, eggs, and vegetable.

Shang Thai - Thai Friend Rice

The portions of the main courses are big and the waiters will offer to serve a bit of each dish you ordered with everyone on the table. We liked everything we ordered, I preferred the chicken over the prawns, but my friend preferred the prawns over the chicken. The fried rice was also excellent. We really enjoyed eating everything we ordered.

Shang Thai - Drinks

For the drinks we had a Ginger Lemonade (RO 1.2) and a Citrus Mint Cooler (RO 1.6). I had the Citrus Mint Cooler, which was supposed to be a orange, lemon, and mint juice mixed with Soda, but due to the unavailability of soda on that night it was mixed with water. I still quite enjoyed it, but I can’t say that I was blown away. For the desserts we had a Kluay Thod (RO 3) which had fried bananas served with vanilla ice cream. I initially liked it, but then couldn’t finished my portion cause I thought the banana was just too sweet for me handle, but that’s probably just me. I thought that it was better than the one I had in the Noodle House long time ago.

Shang Thai - Banana Ice Cream

The service at Shang Thai is excellent, the waiters were friendly and gave us a lot of recommendations as to what we should order. The food came quite fast and the waiters helped serve it on our plates.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 main courses, 1 rice dish, 2 juices, and 1 desserts. Our final bill was RO 20.900.

I enjoyed the food I had and I thought that the service was excellent. Try this place if you want to have fancy Thai food in Al Khuwair.

  • um3azzan

    I like thier creamy chicken soup .. I would go there just for that.

  • Thank you for the review!!!! I'll make sure to visit when I'm up in Muscat in December. I've only been to Thai restaurants in Malaysia and North America but I love Thai food.

  • Kim

    This place is truly great than let it be its ambiance, staff, food, concept everything is so good about it, I've started dining there very often now and probably only restaurant which is so consistent in food quality and service. Bur Al Hickman well done, we need more restaurants and concepts like this in Muscat

  • Omani in US

    YES!!! Omani Cuisine is back!!

  • Thanks for your replying guys! Hopefully there will be more regular updates on the Omani Cuisine from now on!

  • Omani in US

    Can you guys please review B+F Burger?

  • Explorer_OM

    great place !

  • shangthai team

    thanks a lot , for your support kim, we need your appriciation and comments to be further better

  • Great restaurant, I just went there last night with my family, glad to see food blogger from Oman

  • Great restaurant, I just went there last night with my family, glad to see food blogger from Oman

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  • **your fired**

    I'm researching the shang dynasty, and this,o…………k

  • **your fired**

    by the way, thx for de pic

  • **your fired**


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  • Ran

    Food was OK, not amazing and in no way was it fancy!

    not the best Thai i ever had, but good overall

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  • KatyOman

    hi do you know if shang thai have packages for a party?

  • Zlawati

    Loved the place definitely recommended great service , polite waitress and waiters and great food and atmosphere