Jan 26, 2012

Señor Pico – The Intercontinental

Señor Pico (Telephone 2468 0030 – Map) is a Mexican restaurant located on the lower floor of the Intercontinental Hotel in Shatti Al Qurum. It is a restaurant and a bar that regularly has live music playing.

Señor Pico is a pretty spacious restaurant with the bar on the left side of the restaurant and proper dining tables on the right side of the restaurant. We went early on a week day evening and the place was not too busy with a crowd that totally consisted of expats. The music at Señor Pico could be a little bit too loud if you sit too close to the band, so you should that in to consideration when you get seated.

Señor Pico’s food menu features a variety of starters, soups, salads, Mexican specialities, seafood and grills. It is licensed to serve alcohol and the only main dish that contained pork was clearly highlighted.

For the starter at Señor Pico we had “Calamares Fristos” (RO 4.500) which was a plate of fried calamari served with a green chili sauce. I thought that the calamari was a tiny bit too oily, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Señor Pico serves a variety of Mexican specialities in its main course section such as fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, etc. For my main I had the “Tacos de Res” (RO 4.000 – pictured above) which could be had with minced beef or chicken. I originally wanted to have chicken, but I was told that they were out of chicken tacos, so I had to go with the minced beef. The plate came with three hard shell tacos, a bit of salad, refried beans, and some rice along with the minced beef. I thought the portion was pretty generous and I liked the additional mix ins that you could add to your tacos, I thought that the beef was alright, but I felt that I would have enjoyed this more if I had chicken tacos instead.

My friend on the other hand had a Pollo Costeno (RO 3.500 – pictured below) which basically was a grilled chicken breast that came with vegetables and curado sauce. He enjoyed his dish thoroughly.

Fir desserts Senor Pico offers a fruid salad, a banana split, a crepes and a chocolate cake. We went for the Volcan Chocolate Cake (RO 3.000) which came with vanilla ice cream, a few fruits and walnuts. I thought that the cake was really great, the ice cream was nice and the walnuts and fruits were a really great addition.

In total we had 1 starter, 2 main courses, 1 dessert and 1 bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 25.272.

I thought that the service at Señor Pico was good, the staff were friendly and cheerful, and our food came exactly as we ordered. I would have liked the food to come to us a little bit quicker, but I still thought that my experience at Señor Pico was pleasant.

Have you guys been to Señor Pico, what do you think of it?

  • Andydbrown

    Great review.  The wife and I have been talking about going here for a while now. Nice pics!

  • Albarood

    I’ve been there. Their food is delicious. However, I prefer if the bar is not exist along side with dining area. In addition, than music of the band is very high. I prefer quite place to have dinner.   

  • Yo

    Nice review.
    Did you have anything from the bar?
    I gotta a feeling you wrote this after you had something from the bar. Nevertheless, nice review.

  • Hi Riyadh! Nice review and great photos.  The restaurant looks lovely and the food mouth-watering! …I’ll have to try this place and soon!! It was so nice to meet you at the Royal Opera House last night.  Hope you enjoyed Omar Khairat….. 🙂

  • Hey, it was nice to see you, too! 😉

  • Awesome to come across a food blogger in Oman! 🙂 We’d love to add you to our GCC list of food bloggers at Fooderati Arabia (www.fooderatiarabia.com) 

  • Bla

    Cheap Mexican food for the price of gold…Waiter moved me twice from my table in an empty restaurant!!

  • Karan

    Visited a week ago…Good and peaceful environment…but would prefer to go for Chillies Restaurant for better food quality.