Oct 26, 2018

Savannah BBQ – Panorama Mall

Savannah BBQ (+968 24 591936) is an African restaurant located in Panorama Mall in Al Ghubrah . I love their concept of “creating a cuisine with roots in Africa that celebrated the historical ties between Oman and Africa in the 19th century.” We had planned to go to Yellow Chilli but Savannah BBQ was opposite and it looked inviting so we decided to try something different and go for another cuisine that day.

When you enter the interior of Savannah BBQ, you can see a lot of work went into the interior of this place. Many statues, drums and antiques decorate Savannah BBQ’s walls and it looks like you have been transported to another world. I loved the décor and thought it was tastefully done and beautiful. It reminded me of another restaurant in Dubai called Tribes.

We were greeted by a waiter dressed in traditional wear and were allowed to pick any table at the restaurant as the restaurant was fully empty. It was a weekday so we were a little surprised that no one was there but looked on the upside that we will get our food super quick!

The menu was medium size and they had a kids menu as well that they brought out. We opted to order Chicken Chapati Maragwe which was a grilled chicken dish brought out with a coconut kidney bean curry and some chapati bread (5.800 OMR) and Mishkaki which was skewers of grilled meat served with a banana and tamarind sauce and a chilli sauce (4.800 OMR). For drinks, we ordered Sparkling Water (1.200 OMR) and a Passionfruit Fresh Juice (2.700 OMR) after they were out of my first choice of drink the Pineapple Mint.

They brought out the drinks first and it looks like they don’t refrigerate the water because it was hot and dusty on the outside. They did bring out ice though with it to have it cold. They only had it in a big size though which is tough if you are ordering for one. The passionfruit drink was delicious and refreshing and I liked it.

Next came our mains, we loved the Chapati Maragwe and felt that the curry was flavourful and delicious with the chicken. It contained kidney beans which is something that you don’t find so much in food here. The chicken was ordinary grilled chicken but I felt that since it was served with the coconut curry it was perfect together.

We also liked the Mishkaki dish but found the lamb to be a bit tough to eat.   If they tenderised it more, it would be better. They had a banana tamarind sauce and a chilli sauce served with it. The chilli sauce was way too hot to eat (for my taste) but I finished the tamarind sauce quickly and I wished they’d have had more.   It was served with a side of fries which was exactly what my two year old wanted so she was happy.

Overall, I liked Savannah BBQ but thought in general that its prices were a bit too high for food like this. The total bill came out to approximately 15 OMR with tax.  Perhaps I think that way because African food has become mixed with Omani culture and you can find it in other smaller establishments more economically. In any case, I do think Savannah BBQ is worth a visit and the food is good.