Aug 14, 2013

Sankranti – Al Khuwair


Sankranti (Telephone 24488884 – [geolocation]) is an Indian restaurant located in Al Khuwair on the highway right opposite McDonald’s and next to the ex-location of Shang Thai.


The parking at Sankranti can be a problem as that area is always super crowded, especially for lunch during regular working days. If you come early in the evening or for lunch over the weekend the situation is much better.

Sankranti itself is somewhat spacious and cosy. We went for lunch on a weekend and the place was not crowded at all. The place seems to mostly attract Indian customers coming for a quick business lunch during regular working days, while on the weekend it seemed more like an Indian family oriented restaurant.


Sankranti specializes in the Indian Andhra cuisine. The problem with Sankranti is that it is not accessible to those not experienced with this speciality cuisine, and even though they have a long extensive menu, they do not have any proper description of what the dishes are, the staff do know how to describe the dishes and do not give any recommendations. On my previous visit to this restaurant the waiter explained everything as being “very spicy” without indicating what the dish is. On this visit, I went with an Indian friend who is familiar with the cuisine and knew what to order.

For the starter we ordered a portion of Chicken 65 (2.900) which is a dish of deep fried chicken with mixed  spices, I thought that it was really well done and rich in flavor.

For the main course we went for the Sankranti Special Thali (RO 2.400), a dish made up of a collection of small portions of lentil, egg, rice, chicken, pickles, curd and came with a piece of bread and a small bowl of rice.  I thought that the thali was fun to eat, the food was not too spicy for me and it was nice to try out all these different items in one go. However, the overall portion of the food is still relatively small and will probably not be enough for a proper lunch.


We did not order any desserts at Sankranti.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 2 thalis, and one large bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 8.300.

I thought that the service at Sankranti was good, the food came as ordered and really fast.

I enjoyed my time at Sankranti and thought that it was a great experience for trying something totally new, however I do not think that this would be an easy place to go to for those who are not familiar with such cuisine and would probably find it a better experience if they go with someone experienced.

Have you guys tried thali before? Where else would you recommend having it at in Oman?