Aug 13, 2012

Salma’s Chocolates

I received a sampler from the new Omani chocolate boutique Salma’s Chocolate. This business was officially launched yesterday at Sultan’s Center in Al Qurum. The unique thing about Salma’s Chocolate is that it is a 100% local business and they prepare unique Omani inspired chocolates. The box I received had eight different kinds of speciality Omani chocolate with flavours including Omani halwa, mahoo Omani sweet, cocunut, zaater, ginger, cheesecake, and coffee. I really enjoyed all the different kinds I tried especially the halwa and the coconut ones. They all seemed delicate, full of character, and delicious.

I have no idea how much such a box would cost, but I’m really excited about Salma’s Chocolate and I am already thinking of buying some for Eid!

Check out the cool promotional video (ARABIC) for Salma’s Chocolate below.

  • Jumana Alhashmi

    please send me salmas number 

  • Dr Vijayalakshmi Shetty

    Mabrook to Salma and great going.



  • cool .awesome

  • cool ..awesome

  • cool ..awesome

  • cool – awesome —-very nice..

  • sj

    whats the price range?

  • That small box costs around RO 5 and they have a bigger box for about RO 11.

  • I will visit you, I am Proud to see Omani creating such a wounderfull Cuisin and proving them selves

  • Salim Al Rasbi

    AlSalam Alaikm, I am interested in your Chocolates, so if you could assist me to know your shop or showroom location

    To contact me my e-mail is , or Mobile 99357735

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