Oct 4, 2013

Rude Staffer at Pizza Hut Sohar

Pizza Hut Sucks!

I just came from my worst restaurant experience ever in Oman. I have not been to Pizza Hut in years, but my sisters suggested that we  try one of their new desserts, so we ended up in Pizza Hut Sohar a bit before 9.30pm.

We only ordered the dessert, a large bottle of water, and a glass of Pepsi. Our order was taken by a Omani guy named Bader. After waiting for a whole 30 minutes the dessert came to us totally melted and cold, Bader dropped it and left without even giving us spoons to eat it with. I called him asking to change the dessert because it is cold and reminded him that we did not get our water or Pepsi. He took the dessert without apologizing or saying anything at all. We waited and waited, and after reminding him again about the water, he brought it without the Pepsi. At around 10.10pm Bader brought the dessert to our table and asked in a sarcastic tone if it was hot enough for us. We still had no spoons.

At that point we decided that we are leaving the restaurant. I went to the person who was in charge, a Omani dude at the cashier, and told him that we are leaving because even after 40 minutes our simple order isn’t complete and that Bader was extremely rude about it… and we left!

I have to admit it that I cannot lie to myself and say that I was expecting to get a first class service from a Pizza Hut, but it was ridiculous how incompetent AND RUDE the waiter Bader was.

I advise all the readers of the Omani Cuisine to not take crap from any restaurant. The only way service in Oman is going to improve is by not accepting substandard food and service.

It was clearly a mistake going to Pizza Hut and I’ll make sure that I do not do that again.

  • Nicodemus Rozario

    We from Pizza Hut Oman team are thankful to you for bringing this incidence to our notice. If possible please share us your contact details at pizzahut@kr.om or n.rozario@kr.om. We would like to get in touch with you, take your feedback and see to it that such incidences doesnt occur in the future.

  • Aiman Al-Farsi

    Oman cuisin … I had the same experince in the same resturant in the same branch…. The only diffrent is that we like pizza hut and were comming back from a trip and ended up for lunch in pizza hut sohar…. 15 minutes to take the order by an expat … 25 minutes to get the food .. Although we ordered appataisers firsy but every thing came together with no fork nor knife …. The pepsi was not carbonated ….. And as you experinsed the waiter almost through the food infront of us …..

  • Ilze Nel Groenewald

    Which branch was it? The one at KFC or Carrefour?

  • The one near KFC.

  • Aiman Al-Farsi

    Near KFC

  • frothquaffer

    you have a standing invite to our place for pizza… don’t know about fancy PizzaHut desserts but our pizza tops theirs any time…

  • Anan

    I hate pizza

  • yuseff13

    I like these kind of posts, since it shows that the Omani Cuisine is not just about promoting the good aspects of restaurants in Oman, but also uncovering the bad qualities of the other restaurants.

    I’m a huge fan of Pizza Hut, but after seeing this post and hearing so many terrible things about the quality of service at Pizza Hut, I might as well refrain from going there until I hear otherwise.

  • MR

    I Also had the WORSE of the WORSE service and treatment ever by ANY Restaurant standard and this was by the Staff of Pizza Hut Ghala.

    I Went to the Cashier counter and talked to the Indian Male who was behind the counter, He just refused to speak to me and called for someone else to speak to me in Arabic. I said to him ( Why will you call someone to speak to me in Arabic while I’m talking to you in English “British English” he just refused EVEN to answer my question )

    A big argument ended up him hiding in the Restaurant with refusal to apologise or to speak to me ! the Omani staff backed me up BiG time and totally agreed that he was VERY rude.

    Even the Pizza Hut Ghala customers were surprised for such an attitude from him.

    I will NEVER NEVER go to any Pizza Hut outlet AGAIN.

    Pizza Hut in Oman its not who it used to be any more, Customer Services is getting poorer Day by Day ! And its already lost it charm.

  • Franziska Klaiber

    I love pizza hut…I do not live in oman..i lived in sharjah , UAE and laos had a similar experience as the original poster…the food came sooo late and was cold and looked bad…the drinnks came after 30min ! and also no fork to eat…i had to hunt someone down for a fork and by that time i decided to leave.nobody cared. In the USA the manager would apologize and either give the food free, give a gift card or something…but i complained on the website and had NO REPLY at all !