Dec 27, 2012

Richoux – Opera Galleria

Richoux - Opera Galleria

Richoux (Telephone: 22005165) is an upscale British cafe chain that has recently opened its first branch in Oman at the Opera Galleria. Richoux is located on the ground floor in the middle of section of the Opera Galleria.


The dining area at Richoux is nice, it has a classical look and is cosy to sit in. It is not massive in size and not exactly spacious, but there are a lot of tables and its not tight. I came on a weekend day and the place was quite busy.


The menu of Richoux offers all day breakfasts, soups, salads, sandwiches, and a variety of mains. For the starter I had a Tomato Soup with Basil (RO 3.200) which I found rich and hearty and I enjoyed it a lot.


For the main course I ordered the Richoux Classic Club (RO 5.350) which was a club sandwich that had chicken breast, tomato, beef bacon, boiled eggs, avocado, lettuce and mustard mayo. I thought that the portions were huge, I liked the filling of the sandwich, but I could not finish the whole thing because it was just too much.


For the desserts I shared with a friend of mine a Hot Cake Pudding (RO 3.600) which was a cake and fudge pudding that is very reminiscent of B+F’s Brownie Pudding. I thought that the pudding was amazing, it was hot, delicious, and had a great texture.

In total we ordered two soups, one sparking water, one still water, two mains, one coffee and a dessert. Our bill came to RO 30.186.

I thought that there were some issues with the service at Richoux. My main course came before I managed to have any of my soup, so it had to wait there on the table until I finished my soup, and by that time the fries were quite cold. The main course of my friend on the other hand came really late after I started having my main course. The waiters did not even seem to realize that this was an issue and nobody apologize for it. I think it is common sense that the main course should only come after you finish your main and that if you are in a group all the mains should come at the same time.

I still had a good experience at Richoux, I thought the food was good and the place is quite cosy. I hope that their service is better the next time I go.

Have you guys been to Richoux, what do you think of it?