Dec 12, 2007

Review: Turkish House Restaurant – Al Khuwair

Turkish House - Al Khuwair

The uncreatively named Turkish House Restaurant is located in the commercial area of Al Khuwair next to Al Liwan shisha joint, it is the most popular Turkish restaurant in town. Turkish House is a proper dine-in restaurant and is not another one of those little generic Turkish coffeeshops/sandwich-shops scattered all over Muscat. Many call it ‘The Fish Place’ for its excellent fish dishes.

Turkish House - Mixed Starter

Turkish House is adored by many, it is normal for people to stand in queue waiting for tables to be available during lunch time. The restaurant has started as a small regular sized restaurant, it expanded in the past when they added the new ‘romantic’ section (as some lame Omanis like to call it) in the back of their main building, and it is currently in the process of taking over the entire floor of its original building. That new section was not yet opened when we visited the restaurant two weeks ago.

The crowd of Turkish House is very diverse, during our stay we say a gathering of some college boys and girls, a table occupied by a family, and a business looking group on the other side. The place seems to attract both Omanis and expats as much.

Turkish House - Naan Bread

The menu of Turkish House shies from being exotically Turkish and mainly consists of generic grilled Mediterranean dishes, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Cold Mediterranean starters, salads, grilled dishes, fish dishes, and fresh juices are the main highlights of the menu and they are all usually served with a large naan bread and/or chips.

In my most recent visit to Turkish House I had a humous starter and a dish of chicken kebabs served with chips (not pictured), which was very well cooked, tender, and tasted simply delicious.

Turkish House - Mixed Grill

The service of Turkish House is average I guess, their staff are relatively friendly and seem to know regular customers, but the field at which Turkish House really shines is the food, which is really good.

Prices of Turkish House are moderate, a mixed starter dish (pictured above), a mixed grills dish for two (pictured above), and two fresh juices cost around RO 10. Regular dishes cost around RO 3 and Fish dishes start from RO 6.

Lovers of Mediterranean food, grilled food, and fish should check out Turkish House.

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  • The turkish house restaurant is outstanding from its servise to the food.It is really clean and you never have to wait that long for your food to arrive. I am very pleased that they aren’t like other so called turkish restaurants which dont actually serve you turkish food. I would recommend the turkish house restaurant to anyone who has good taste in food.

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  • Y

    their number to add to your magnificent blog 😉 keep updating your blog, very interesting

    24488071 , Turkish house

  • Thanks Y! Added the number to our restaurant directory! 😉

  • Nice review. Now I'm really craving Mediterranean cuisines! May I ask the names of the dishes that you posted here? So in case I walk into a Turkish restaurant, I'd already have an idea on what I could order.

  • susanreed

    The food in the Turkish house is exceptional, very homely and authentic. The fish is fantastic and the bread is the best Iv'e ever tasted.
    I would not say it was romantic or very upmarket but inexpensive, delicious, clean and definately worth a visit.
    Susan & Alan Reed
    April 2010

  • Thanks for passing by Susan, I've written this review ages ago, but Turkish House remains one of my favourite restaurants in town!

  • Roger

    Just went there yesterday for the first time and i must say it was the best turkish food i've ever eaten !!!

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  • bahader

    Mr .Bahader .M The chief of the oven who make such delicious bread as costumers says . Thanks , for ur complements. Ur coments can b my suggestions for doing more better on my work

  • I’m a regular at the Turkish House because they make consistent food of a good standard. We usually have the Chicken Tawq which is pieces of chicken done on a skewer. Very tender, very garlickly, very delicious. It’s served with chips which like most places in Oman are rather sad, limp frozen chips which we don’t touch. The babagnosh is too oily but the complimentary (free) bread is the best in Muscat. They do take-away too

  • albarood

    I am not a fan of Turkish house. their food became less in quantity and the taste is below average. I remember when I visited in 2003 or 2002, it was outstanding with good quality. right now i think diwan turkish and turkish lounge are more better than turkish house.

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  • tooty frooty

    was the Turkish house even open in 2003 and 2002?! I am serious am not being sarcastic.

  • albarood

    yes it was. i had several time dinner before they open their new section.

  • tooty frooty

    ooh ok thanks love 🙂 I have always thought this restaurant is relatively new.

  • Leo

    What’s the name of the menu pizza , with cheese and honey?