Sep 10, 2007

Review: Pane Caldo – Jawharat Al Shatti

Santino’s was recently rebranded as Pane Caldo. The restaurant is still in the same place in Jawharat Al Shatti, but now bigger (they invaded the shop block next to them), they did not change the furniture of the place and there is apparent change in the staff or the ambience of the place either. However, Pane Caldo does seem to have now a more emphasised contemporary image that is less casual and more fancy with their choice of colours and finish-off I guess.

I am not sure if it was just me, or the fact that it was my first time to set at that particular place in the restaurant, but there did not seem to be a lot of private space left between the dinning tables on the center and the left side of the restaurant. It’s true that the place is bigger now, but it still feels very tight because of the number of tables they have inside.

Pane Caldo is not fully open yet, when I was there last week they had a temporary menu that was really difficult to read, we did not know where one item description ended and that of the next started. We did not know which of the numbers were the prices of what meals.

I am not sure of the number of new items were there on the menu, we had for the starter some mushrooms covered in cheese, which I did not like very much (I am no Super Mario), one of us had one of the calamari starters (photographed below).

For the main course we had some sort of ‘red’ pizza that had beef, pepperoni, chicken strips, and tomato slices on it, which I thought was good, but not mind blowing.

The place is still in the process of changing into its new brand, so it is not surprising that their menu is still not fully developed. I do not think that there was an increase in the prices, but I am not really sure of that as I did not actually compare numbers.

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  • a7MeDiNo

    Didn’t you try their drinks?

  • Blue Chi

    We did not, just had coke (as in the soft drink) and water. I don’t think they have any special drinks.

  • a7MeDiNo

    THEY DO! You should try their Strawberry Daiquiri Blue_Chi!.

    P.S. I’m waiting for a review about Kargeen, saw you and del yahi there 2-3 days ago but didn’t have the chance to talk to you, so I passed my compliments for this blog to Del Yahi.. 😉

  • Blue Chi

    I did not recognize you guys that day. Unfortunately I was not carrying my camera with me that do, so no review of Kargeen yet, and that is probably better for them cause I did not like their service.

  • a7MeDiNo

    I share the same opinion about their service, especially if you’re sitting in Bonbon, but I noticed a massive improvement in their service (at the new jalsa)

  • Amjad

    Got to try Pane Caldo yesterday night. I tried their pizza, the same one you guys tried. It sucked. Really I didn’t like it. And also their service sucked big time. Two of my friends tried their Spaghetti and they both didn’t like it…

  • a7MeDiNo

    since it took ages to update .. and there is no place where i can suggest something I’ll have to say it here..Blue Chi and Del Yahi, as it is Eid now .. is it possible for you to write some food reviews/recipes of some traditional food we have in Eid?

  • Blue Chi

    Sorry for the late reply Ahmed. Hopefully we do that for the upcoming Eid.

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