Jan 18, 2008

Review: Nando’s – Al Qurum Commercial Area

Nandos - Muscat

Nandos is a spicy grilled chicken restaurant in the Qurum Commercial Area right in front of the CCC. The cuisine of Nandos could be said to be Portuguees with an African twist, and is loved internationally by its fans in a cult-like manner. The restaurant closed down after the cyclone Gonu hit Muscat last year and only opened up on Eid last month. It looks different and nicer now, but a bit tighter in space as well


Nandos in the Middle East is different from branches abroad in that it is a proper dine-in restaurant, you do not go up to the counter and order in Oman, you get seated, the menu comes, and then you order the same way you would do at a Pizza Hut or a Chilli’s. I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant in places where you had to almost serve yourself, get the sauces, cutlery, and everything else and think that Nandos is ‘almost’ boring here because of this, but I guess that it might not work in the Middle East because of culture differences.

Nandos - Humous - Oman

Nandos menu is made up mostly of chicken dishes. For starters, they have chicken liver, chicken wings, corn, mixed olives, and humous. I think that I tried them all, and my favourite is the humous which comes with a bit of Nandos spicy sauce and a deliciously tender pita bread.

Nandos Quarter Grilled Chicken - Oman

The famous main course of Nandos is grilled chicken which you can order either as a quarter, a half, or a whole chicken marinated with the level of spiciness you choose: Lemon and Herb, Mild, Hot, and Extra Hot. The Extra Hot is probably way too hot for many, start with Mild even if you are a fan of spicy food. Nandos is very famous for its spicy sauces that you should find on the table, there are various ones which you should try out if you’re there.

Nandos - Chicken Breast in Pita - Oman

Other main courses served at Nandos include chicken burger, chicken breast in pita bread (pictured above) , chicken rolls, chicken strips with rice, and espitada – which is a dish of grilled chicken cubes served with cooked vegetables. (pictured below) Some meals such as the burger and beast in pita come with Nandos spicy mayo which you could also order separately as a dip. Many of the dishes come as meals that let you pick one or two sidelines to have with the chicken, these sidelines include chips, rice, and coleslaw.

Nandos Espetada - Oman

Starters at Nandos cost about RO1, while a main course meal for one person costs between RO2 to RO3 – taxes excluded.

We are happy to have Nandos again in town after Gonu, many of the people that went to it in the few first days did not seem to be happy with the service, and I was not happy with the food either, but the last time we went to it for dinner a couple of weeks ago everything was perfect. If you have not tried Nandos you should surely give it a try.

  • 1-It tastes MUCH better in UK.
    2-Mild in Oman is very very very Mild. Even Medium in Oman is even “milder” than Mild in UK.
    3-I never complained about the service in Nando’s in Oman. I was always satisfied with it, and guess what? The “owner” even serves the people dining in.

    Keep your reviews coming guys (y)

  • Thanks for passing by Ahmed, Nandos is Oman is nothing like the UK.

  • Where is the telephone number! I’m hungry! ;o

  • Mohammed Al Bur

    is Nando Oman opens on Fridays and what is the timing

  • Prac_mitra

    why dont nando open in goa

  • Skitalian


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  • Sdesai567

    Better then Nandos in South Africa  is Mochachos — must better taste and portions

  • Gotam Khoobchand

    Abai oo … Oman mei beth kai tujhai Goa ki paree hai :-@ BKL

  • Mujtaba

    I actually tried 3 different Nandos in London and they were NOTHING compared to the taste we have in Oman. The wings were very dry in London and the food overall was very below average! I actually LOVE Nandos in Oman more than London. 🙂

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  • Steven

    Nando’s is one of the worst restaurants ever ,
    you do not get value for your money , when you order something on its on , obviously they do not even put any garnish on the plate and there you are sitting with a dry piece of chicken that is well below mediocre and you have to douse it in their hot-as-hell sauces to make it edible and God forbid you need some water , you’ll have to wait for 30 minutes for a bottle of local water that you pay 0.800 bz for it while you can buy it for 0.100 Bz outside .
    I do not mind spending alot as long as I feel I am getting something in return but to pay alot for a very very low quality food is outrageous and feels like a rip off .
    I’d rather eat in the Magic Wok in Muscat City Center than to even contemplate going to Nando’s ever again .