May 30, 2007

Review: Kobe Sizzlers – Qurum Commercial Area

Kobe is the relatively fancy relatively new sizzler restaurant in the first block of shops next to the Zawawi car showroom in the Qurum commercial area. I do not know when exactly it opened, but the first time I go to it was sometime last month.

The first thing you notice about Kobe is that it has a serious theme/identity crisis, the restaurant table paper sheets say that Kobe is a place (or a thing – can’t remember) in Japan and the restaurant is nicely decorated with bamboo sticks, but all the food served is Indian. All the staff members are Indian. And occasionally between the Britney Spears songs and the Nancy Ajram songs a random Indian song would be played. We consider Kobe to be an Indian restaurant regardless of their confusing mention of Japan here and there.

Kobe Sizzlers, as the name suggests, serves mainly sizzlers, these are meet, chicken, or fish dishes grilled or fried and brought to you sizzling. All the sizzler dishes of Kobe come with cooked vegetables (spinach, carrots, tomato, flower, and green beans) and either chips, boiled rice, or mushed potatoes depending on your choice. The menu has a long list of sizzlers in all various forms, shapes and falvours, along with soups, some random little sandwiches (e.g. cheese chili sandwich), burgers, one pasta dish, and three fried rice dishes. On the drinks side, Kobe offers a selection of juices which we did not try, ice tea which a friend tried and thought that it was okay, and good old soda.

Kobe has several things messed up, but the major thing that they do have right is the food itself as it is really very good. I have already been to it three times, my favourite dish is a delicious schezwan sauce chicken sizzler which is rich in flavour and quite spicy but not to a crazy extent. We thought that the amount of food served was good. The sizzler meal costs on average RO 3.500, a rice meal costs about RO 2. The total we spent for dinner for four was about RO 15.

Dinner at Kobe was a pleasant experience, we wished that it would have a greater variety of appetisers, but that section of the menu had only soups. A point that we think is worth mentioning here is that the whole of the Kobe restaurant is engulfed with the sizzling smell of the food, we do not think that you would like to go for an important meeting after staying inside Kobe for an hour.

  • Kay

    I only went there once, the night before I left to Australia in February and I can only remember one thing and it wasnt the food. It was the amount of smoke from the food and the smell of it getting stuck to my clothes (3abya, scarf and hair). That put my friends and i from going again… I’ve had sizzler’s before in other places I’ve never seen as much smoke coming out from them when they serve it like that before

  • sensation

    Interesting review indeed ๐Ÿ™‚
    I haven’t tried their food before but I have seen the place fully packed on one of the weekends!

    I think, I’ll give it a try ๐Ÿ™‚
    Seems like a nice place! I would prefer setting on the porch though! Not a big fan of smoke, you know! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Amjad

    My friends who tried this restaurant told me about it. They said it’s a very nice restaurant.

  • Del_Yahi

    Beside the amount of smoke coming from the food I hated the attitude of the waiter (the one in the picture)รขโ‚ฌยฆ. In conclusion, it was a bad overall experience despite the nice food.

  • Suburban

    hey guys! I’m loving the restaurant reviews.

    RE: Kobe Sizzlers- I Gotta disagreee on the food. I thought it was unimaginative rubbish overall. Bland vegitables, sauces heavy on cornstarch and light on flavour, meats overcooked before they even reach the table, and random processed cheese showing up where it doesn’t belong. I won’t be going back.

  • muscati

    Indians luuuurve sizzlers. The more smoke and steam coming off the dish the better. I myself refuse to go to any restaurant where I come out stinking of sizzlers. Forget about the clothes, that stuff goes down to your pores. You need a shower afters.

  • Salaam everybody! Take this seriously, when you make thiskind of reviews you definetly need to put proper contact info also… Now we have hungry people here at the office looking at Kobe Sizzler’s but cannot order delivery ๐Ÿ™

  • roribarori

    The interior is nice. Lotsa bamboo which immediately sets off the east asian mood. The choice of piped in music was a bit weird though. We were listening to ave maria (?) last night.

    On to the food. The tomato soup is sweeeet. Like they used sweet ketchup as a base of the soup. Not what I expected at all.
    The sizzler (Kobe style) was ok. The veggies need a little salt though.

    The knives need changing. It’s very difficult to use.

  • rorbarori, I was at Kobe last night as well! What a coincidence!

    The music played is very random, they were playing Britney Spears during one of the times we dined there.

  • i love to eat sizzler containing spinach, carrots, tomato, flower, and green bean.

  • I want to know whether sizzler made of vegetables enriching the vitamin's and iron are great source of nutrient.

  • i am indian and i love sizzler very much and Kobe review of people are very good and ui think it will tock in near future.

  • Anand

    To hell with the meeting. The food there is great. Schezwan chicken sizzler is my fav too.

  • ajay

    Hey! I found this website very useful. Hurray!!! We got 25% discount here Went to the kobe sizzlers restaurant last week with friends while on sunday at koramangala. Food we had was good