May 11, 2007

Review: Hamburger Nation – Muscat City Centre

We went out today to try Hamburger Nation – the new burger restaurant in Muscat City Centre. The restaurant is located on the ground floor right below the escalator if you’re coming down from the horrible Emax.

Just as the name suggests, Hamburger Nation serves burgers and not much else. All their burgers are relatively massive in size and are served in sesame seed buns, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and raw onion rings. Unlike some of the huge burgers served by other places, you can actually hold these in your hands and have a bite without creating a huge mess. I tried the Buddha Burga, which is basically a Thai spiced chicken breast burger, I thought that it was pretty good. Their 2-pages menu also has some beef, lamb, prawn, and some veggie ones as well.

The burgers do not come with anything, you have to order the drink and whatever sideline you wish to have separately. We did not feel adventurous and had regular chips – which was good. On the drinks side, they have milkshakes, soda, and some bottled organic juices.

The staff of the restaurants are all Asian and were very friendly. Burger Nation is your average noisy mall-restaurant, but the place still feels cozy even though it was a little bit tight in space.

The average price for a burger sandwich here costs RO 3, sidelines range in price from RO 1 to RO 1.8, drinks from RO 0.7 to RO 1.5, milkshakes from RO 1.5 to 2.5, and deserts from RO 1.7 to RO 3.0. So the average whole meal with a desert could cost RO 6 to RO 8 per person.

Overall, it was pleasant experience, the burgers were delicious and the service was really good. There isn’t much variety though, it is Burger Nation afterall, the quantity of the chips that we got was a bit questionable, and the 700bz soda was only for one bottle, not a refillable glass. This makes us wonder if the money we paid was really worth the food we got, especially when you realise that it was pretty close to what it would have cost us to eat at Chili’s.

  • Amjad

    Thank you very much for the review man.

    In the beginning of the month I pointed out the opening of Hamburger Nation on my blog but has not written a review on their restaurant yet. I will do so when I try them out inshallah. I haven’t got the opportunity so far.

    Thanks again for the review. Keep this blog updated please with more reviews and food recipes.

  • Blue Chi

    Thanks for passing by Amjad, feel free to share with us any reviews ore recipes that you would like to publish on the OC, the contacts are on the right side column of the page. 😉

  • Suburban

    Great review.

    I found the staff well trained, capable and no-nonsense. They knew what they were doing and did it with confedence which is key in an efficient restaurant.

    I loved my burger there (I had the one with Mozzerella, basil pesto, and arugula). THe chips were crisp and perfectly seasoned. They seem to work very hard to source product locally and / or organically whenever possible. It would be nice to see more of that around here.

    thanks for the review guys.

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  • AA

    who is this franchise founded by?is it true that it is Omani/Swedish?

  • Great ambiance on the restaurant..
    I admit i'm a fan of burgers..yum yum…so, I must take a trip there.

  • max191

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  • Leonardtr80

    no its Emarates Group of Company from Dubai as u can see the 3rd picture I’m in the counter side, with my supervisor he teach me the micro,