Jul 19, 2007

Review: Dosteen – Al Hail

You cannot claim that you have lived in Seeb if you have never dined at Dosteen Restaurant [مطعم دوستين] (Pronounced Dos’tain)- a random generic Indian restaurant that survived throughout the years and managed to hold itself as an era defining landmark, the same way Burj Al Sahwah and Bait Al Barakah do. Nobody I know knows when this place was first opened, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was opened in the 80s or even earlier. Dosteen faces the highway between the Al Khode and Al Hail bridges and is located almost exactly opposite Al Itihad used car showroom.

Before we start, I would like to warn you that Dosteen is certainly not for the weak-hearted or the mysophobic. It is one of few places left on Earth that still serve water in metal glasses just like Indian movies – however, they have recently started offering plastic cups for the picky and dandy.

Dosteen is relatively large in comparison to restaurants of its class, it has an isolated area for families (I do not know who dares going there), an air-conditioned dine in area, and a covered yard with some more tables. It is usually very crowded most of the time, it is normal for people to stand waiting for seats to be available when coming at peak hours. Tables are usually shared in both the outside and the inside seating area.

I don’t think that there is a handout menu in Dosteen, but there is one walled with the names of the dishes in Arabic and English – for some reason, the two sides of the menu are not the same and some dishes went missing in one or another. However, Dosteen serves 48 different wonders of the Indian cuisine. The majority of which are served with rice, naan bread, or chapati bread. Complimentary salad is served with all the dishes.

Even though Dosteen is equipped with a fleet of Indian cooks, waiters and cashiers, the waiters always seem very stressed and can be moderately rude if you cannot quickly decide what you want to eat or if you change your mind, and that, of course, adds to the ambiance of the place.

The funny thing about Dosteen is that their food is actually good, there are people that swear by its food and occasionally crave for a meal at Dosteen. I had a chicken masalah (not photographed) which was spicy the way I like it and pretty good. We ordered other stuff like grilled chicken, humus, and rice with grilled meat cubes.

The average price of a dish at Dosteen is RO 1, I think that the a soft drink can costs a RO 0.100. There isn’t much else that you can order here.

Dosteen is no fancy place, but if you are looking for a different place that has so much attitude, culture, gangster-like atmosphere, and good Indian food then Dosteen is the place to go to.

  • Tia

    I heard alot about this place, my brother and his friends are regular customers…I am suppose to try one of thier dishes today!

  • Amjad

    Well, I’ve been living in this area for my whole life and never heard of this Dosteen restaurant. =p

    It sounds interesting. Maybe my friends and I should try it sometime soon.

    Do they serve Mandi? =D

  • Blue Chi

    Amjad, that proves that you’re just not ghetto enough, even after all these years in Oman. 😛 And no, they DON’T serve mandi.

    Tia, tell us what you think after you try it!

  • ghalib

    FINALLY, Dosteen is going GLOBAL 🙂

    Thank you for the review.. BEST revire ever written on one of A’seeb,s LANDMARKs 🙂

  • Meticulousness

    I’ve heard a lot about this restaurant, or let me rephrase that; I keep hearing its name every now and then from friends and relatives. Whenever we’re up to a dinner party yet we’re bankrupt, you’d hear the name popping up right away. Though, I think I might go dine there someday, alone lol

  • Al-Muscati

    One of Muscat’s best

  • cj

    funny review dude. Since you like indian food so much and are a ” desi gangsta” you need to check out Oman express in ruwi its in a narrow lane once you pass the al nasr cinema.. the lane opens up to the main ruwi street..sorry my directions suck. This place serves South Indian food and boy is it gangsta. The waiters might just slap you for fun. 🙂 kidding. spicy cheap mallu food. pretty good when you are in that frame of mind. ohh btw the filter coffee is pretty good. keep up the good reviews..

  • abdulhamidwahab

    It was very nice
    good food
    but there was no parking
    customer wana come agine and agine but they cope esaly good resive
    with my thinking dosteen
    best restrent in ahail

  • abdulhamidwahab

    love u and love me
    I kisssssss bosss becouse is give me descount
    came one time to eat there
    he kill u
    funnnmy man

    all laday like him><><><><><><><

  • its custmer iq-ness * i hear abt dosteen…bt i did nt visit ther* b/coz i m in uk …nd its in oman ……….in-future if i get chance by (TRNZIT)
    hops i culd enjoy food*

  • its custmer iq-ness * i hear abt dosteen…bt i did nt visit ther* b/coz i m in uk …nd its in oman ……….in-future if i get chance by (TRNZIT)
    hops i culd enjoy food*

  • ALBASAJ2002


  • Fail

    I thought Dosteen was a pakistani and not an indian restaurant ..

  • Davidrhunt

    Dosteen is great value with cheap prices and large servings of good food. I an not a lamb fan but theirs was melt in the mouth!!  
    One entree, three mains some drinks all under 8 rial, more than three adults could eat.
    All dishes were well cooked and tasty making for a nice night out.

  • Robbo

    Great food – been there three times this week.

  • Bassoma

    You’re right it’s Pakistani not Indian