Aug 5, 2007

Review: D’Arcy’s Kitchen – Jawharat Al Shatti

I apologise for not making an update last week, I do have several reviews in the pipelines with photographs and menus, but I got stuck thinking of what to write in my review of Darcy’s Kitchen. My first proper dine in visit was two weeks ago, I had to go to again a last week to collect enough material for my review.

For those that do not know the place, Darcy’s Kitchen is a cafe in Jawharat Al Shatti in Shatti Al Qurum. Though the place is considered by many as a breakfast cafe, it serves a lot of proper meal courses all day long. It differs from the majority of cafes and restaurants here with its laid back casual atmosphere. It has a distinct theme in its table design and colours, and it has a cute looking tabletop paper with a funky drawing of Omani customers.

There are loads of seats at Darcy’s, but the place seems to be constantly busy during all times of the day. I am not sure if there is a non-smoking section in the restaurant, we sat in the lobby of the mall where people were smoking, but we were not disturbed by the smoke, though it was noticeable. Space-wise the place is a bit crowded, I thought that tables were a bit too close to each other and that there wasn’t much personal space left. I guess that is why this is supposed to be more of a cafe and less of a restaurant.

I thought that the staff of Darcy’s were very friendly and talkative, we were served by Emy (pictured above). She remembered us from our first visit, helped us choose our meals and joked with us. (She thinks I’m a photographer).

The restaurant seems to be mostly known for its breakfast meals, which I did not try, but I know that these includes French toast, pancakes, several egg meals, and an English breakfast. The place also serves various soups, salads, burgers, pita bread sandwiches, roll-up sandwiches, pasta dishes, and grilled food dishes.

In my first visit, we had for the starter a plate of Fried Mozzarella Cheese (pictured above) that came a tomato dip which you could optionally add jalapeno to – a piece of information I did not know at the time. Yet regardless, I thought that it was really very good.

The starter we had in our second visit was the Chicken Fingers, those were long thick boneless chicken fingers that come with mashed potato, chunky chips, or french fries and a really good sauce that I cannot remember what it was made of, probably a mixture of mayo and some salad dressing. The quantity was pretty a lot and could easily be considered as a main course for one person. I thought that both starters were great, but if I had to pick between the two I would go for the Fried Mozzarella Cheese because it was a bit different from we have elsewhere.

The first main course I had was the Chicken BBQ Lamisso, a dish of chunky marinated chicken pieces served with a sauce made up of peanut butter, tomato, and onion. I thought that it was really good, the chicken was very well cooked and the sauce was a great addition to it. Acting like a silly kid, I did not touch the cooked vegetables that came with the meal only because I am not a great fan of cooked vegetables.

My friend had some California Friend Chicken – an item from the additional menu of new food. The dish looked like something from KFC, but my friend says that he liked the crunchiness of the chicken skin and the sour taste of the garlic mayo dip.

The main course I had on my second visit to Darcy’s Kitchen was the Chicken Melt Sandwich, a sandwich made of shredded chicken pieces with mayo. You can select to have white or brown bread for your sandwich. I did not think that the sandwich was very memorable, not that it tasted bad or anything, but at the same time I did not think that there was anything special about it.

My friend had his favourite cold Club Sandwich, he asked me to try some of his, but I was already really full. It looks like Club Sandwiches are his favourite and he recommends it strongly.

The average price of a snack (Darcy’s label for starters) is from RO 1 to RO 2.5, a main course costs around RO 2 to Ro 5 on average, drinks cost from RO0.3 (Soda) to RO1.5.

I really liked Darcy’s Kitchen even though place is a bit noise and can get crowded, however, their service is great , their food is good. I think that we need more of these places in town.

  • muscati

    I’ve always liked D’arcy’s Kitchen. I used to go there when they first opened in 98 or 99. We used to go out from work for an hour and have a big breakfast there and amazingly the whole place would be packed with other shameless office workers like us. Over the years their menu kept getting bigger and bigger. The food is always good, and the prices haven’t increased. People used to say that when Starbucks comes to Oman Darcy’s would go bust. Well Starbucks opened right next door and Darcy’s only got stronger.

    The only thing I don’t like about them, besides the tiny tables that don’t fit their huge food servings, is that they don’t have a segregated non smoking area.

    By the way I must have been to D’arcy’s a hundred times over the years and yet I’ve never ordered any of the items you’ve tried. You should try their breakfasts, they’re really. Try going on a weekend morning when the weather gets better, but go early or you wont find a place to sit.

  • Blue Chi

    Everybody praises Darcy’s breakfast. I have to check it out one day.

  • Kay

    i love Darcy’s, been going there for years. Surprised you didn’t like their chicken melt, thats my fav dish, try the tuna melt maybe you’ll like it better.

  • Arabian Princess

    I love darcy, its a shame I cant go there often because its so crowded and like you said tables are very close to each other you dont get your privacy.

    thier service are always great, but there is this one time .. we went there for lunch .. and the waiter came and asked us what we want to order and we told him .. he gave a comment that it will take time .. we said ok .. 10 mins later, the manager comes and says: the food will take half an hour .. we felt as if they were trying to ask us to leave .. so we left!
    it was quite disrespectful of them.

    over all, darcys food is really really good !!

  • Wardat_il’7leej

    Went there for breakfast a few weeks ago, they have changed the menu and some of the great meals they used to serve have been removed.

    Other than that the place does get packed though we were moved indoors as soon as a space was available

  • Wardat_il’7leej

    I actually had an incident there with a waiter, where our food was delayed and we were ignored. When the food did come (45min later) I blew off steam at the waiter who simply said “if you don’t like it, don’t eat here”. Though I let that individual know that I don’t take things lightly I was very disappointed at the service and attitude I received. I still go to Darcy’s but it’s not on my top choice list.

  • Al-Muscati

    Never sit outside ! You will be attacked by wild and hungry cats.

  • Hayth

    Darcys is my almost everyday place ..
    i like the what i eat there

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  • D’arcy’s now open in Madinat Qaboos next to Muscat Pharmacy.

  • del_yahi

    The last time I was there, I got scratched by one of these dirty wild cats. It made us move inside.

  • Oh man! Those treats look really scrumptious! It's making me drool right now. That resto is truly a must visit!

  • wow… mouth watering foods.. I wish I could be there someday that place is really great especially that I love fries and sandwiches..

  • muscat

    Been there too ! The waiting time is loooooooooooooong 😉

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  • muscat

    Been there too ! The waiting time is loooooooooooooong 😉

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  • Clemence

    During the 18 months I lived in Muscat, Darcy’s Kitchen was my favorite place on thursday/friday for my brunch, almost every week. Waiters so friendly, food very goods and tasty. For sure I’ll visit this place when I’ll come back in Oman, hoping it’ll not change too much or at least in a good way

  • Tal paris

    If you lot find Darcy’s food so great, you probably do not know what good food is all about.
    Darcy’s food is below average in choice , ingredients, presentation, service and set up, while prices are fairly high for the crap they serve. Maybe OK to bring the kids for a weekend bash, and let them run around in the outside terrace.

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  • Milly in Muscat

    As a family we frequently eat at Darcy’s kitchen in MQ. The staff are friendly, the service is prompt and the food excellent and large servings. Of course it is not a michelin restaurant but for good choice, and well cooked food we all think it;s excellent.

  • Peter

    went all the time at Darcy’s . since we love much their wonderful club sandwich , but we miss too much to their wonderful staff name joy , shes great staff that we never seen ever at Darcy’s kitchen anymore . shes give smile and great to all of Royal family. as much she like a market to all of us, sir ma’am . would try our wonderful steak with mash potato on the side then trying my wonderful drinks limement crush ice it is healthy good to our hearts. she push us to try her wonderful cafe latte special from Darcy’s Kitchen as well. ohh my GOD we are 15 all in a group, we never order the club sandwich , we jump to order what joy say’s. we trying, what’s fucking wonderful is that…? we try her cafe latte special from Darcy’s Kitchen ask joy said .. it is so very great taste cafe latte we never had here at muscat. only at Darcy we can finish 30 orders for latte at the same time.. then the steak so yummy! we love joy to the world much more than word we can say.shes so very lovely and nice girl. so now a days, we went back at Darcy again no joy anymore, sad much. one waitress , comes took order to us, we ask her, what you can advice us, that wonderful dish it now? she’s say sir , all is good and yummy here nothing bad, if you want sir try all dishes what we have here at Darcy order all if you want..! she so very rude , so rude at all.? we are not stay at Darcy’s but we just take away the cafe latte then we are going. we are so disappointed at all.. all family friends never back at Darcy anymore. the management is bad, why you kept those staff so rude , we want your staff Joy to back at Darcy please.

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