Jul 14, 2007

Review: CinnZeo – Al Masa Mall

CinnZeo is a bakery coffeeshop that has opened earlier this year in Al Masa Mall. The bakery is dedicated to making cinnamon rolls, its slogan is The Best Tasting Cinnamon Rolls on Earth, and I personally think that it probably is.

The place has two floors, the ground floor has the cashier, the bakery itself, and a couple of wooden tables and chairs, the place upstairs is very spacious, has sofas and is separated by a glass wall from the balling hall of Al Masa Mall, which makes up a a nice view. In the few times that I’ve been there the place was generally quite and not very crowded. (I have never been there during weekends.)

Cinnzeo’s menu starts with standard cinnamon rolls, chocolate cinnamon rolls, and pecan cinnamon rolls. I can’t say much about them other than they’re SO GOOD. I am not a hardcore fan of cinnamon rolls or anything, but I was really blown away by those of Cinnzeo. They’re well cooked, tender, and watery and man the chocolate rolls are so damn good. The rolls come in two sizes, standard (miniroll) and large (cinnaroll).

Cinnzeo also offers cinnamon sticks, dippers, twists, swirls, and a set of take-out packs. None of which I have tried.

For beverages Cinnzeo offers a variety of espressos, iced espressos, cream blenders, fruit smoothies, and some fresh juices and soda drinks. The last thing I had was a Caramel Cooler, a cold caramel and cream drink which I thought was pretty good. A friend of mine had some time ago a more interesting drink, Italian Soda, which is made of plain soda and your choice of fruit syrup that they add to the soda and mix for you.

The price of a regular sized cinnamon roll (miniroll) starts from RO 0.700, and take-away boxes of 4 or 6 rolls start from RO 3. The drinks at CinnZeo cost about Ro 1 to RO 1.5.

I had great time at Cinnzeo, their seating area is awesome and the food is amazing.

  • Amjad

    The most thing I like at Cinzzeo is the view of the bowling hall from the upper stairs .. Really amazing.

  • Del_Yahi

    The pics of The Best Tasting Cinnamon Rolls on Earth make me want to go there as soon as i caome back to oman

  • muscati

    How do their cinnamon rolls compare to Cinnabon?

  • Blue Chi

    I never tried the cinnamon rolls of Cinnabon!

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  • oldmantrucker

    Cinnzeo's of Edmonton is a NOT equal opportunity employer in Alberta. They hire overseas workers and pay them more $$$$ than the Canadians that are still employed by them (some of the Canadians have been with them for over two years prior to the foreign workers). They slowly cut the Canadians' hours back and give the extra time to the foreign workers along with free benefits and automatic payroll deposit- that is not allowed for the Canadian workers. This is happenning to all the Cinnzeo's employees (Canadian) that are employed by the owner (Jay)(and his flunky Henry?) who lives in Edmonton. Their bookkeeper works out of a sport shop in the county of Red Deer.
    I am urging ALL Albertans to boycott the Cinnzeo's in Red Deer and Edmonton.