Apr 26, 2012

RBG Grill – Park Inn

RBG Grill (Telephone: 2450 7888 – Map) is a bar and a grill located in the Park Inn hotel in Al Khuwair. I reviewed it a couple of years ago and never really went there again except this past week.

RBG Grill is located on the ground floor outside the Park Inn hotel. The restaurant is quite big with the bar located in the center of the dining area. The restaurant has a very sleek theme and looks nicely modern. We went on a week day and very few people were there, however, it was still a little bit loud because people were expectingly drinking and in a party mood. That still did not affect our experience at RBG.

Being a bar restaurant, RBG is licensed to serve alcohol. The menu of RBG is made up of a long list of pub food, a number of steaks , gourmet burgers, and a collection of grilled Arabic food.

We had a difficult time picking a starter. because even though RBG serves a lot of pub food, nothing in that section can be had as a starter besides soups or salads. We thought we will try having the Marinated Olives (RO 2.000), which was quite boring to tell you the truth and pretty bland for ‘marinated’ olives, especially in comparison to the olives served at Nandos.

For the main course I decided to go for a Western Burger (RO 8.000) which had tomato, avocado, and smokey chili mayo and came with chunky fries. It was massive in size and a bit hard to take a bit off of it, but I still managed to do it and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I thought it was nice and well done.

We were in a hurry to leave, so unfortunately we did not try any of the desserts at RBG.

In total we had 1 starter, 2 burgers, 1 soft drink, and 1  small bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 18.500.

The service at RBG was good, everything we had came as ordered and the waiters were pleasant do deal with.

I really liked the burger I had at RBG, it was more like GBK than B+F, but still a different genre of burger if that makes any sense. I think I would be coming here again to try out their steaks sometime.

Have you guys been to RBG, what do you think of it?