Mar 19, 2010

Quiznos – Sohar

The first branch of Quiznos (Telephone: 2684 4869) in Oman recently opened in Sohar. It located right next to Lulu near the Globe Roundabout. Quiznos is a fastfood sandwich restaurant that is very similar to Subway.

Quiznos is so similar to Subway half the sandwiches are almost identical. They they both serve Chicken Teriyaki, Meatball Marinara, Classic Italian, and Pizza Sub to mention a few, but in addition to these Quiznos also has some unique sandwiches such as the Mesquite Chicken with Beef Strips, Peppercorn Steak, and Chicken Picante.

Sandwiches come in 6″ or 12″ sizes, but unlike Subway, in Quiznos you don’t customize your sandwich bit by bit. The menu specifies what salad and sauce the sandwich will have, but you can explicitly tell them to remove an item from it you don’t want to have it.

I was very frustrated by the menu and the staff, the moment we got in the cashier gave us the menu which doesn’t mention anywhere that the prices on it are for takeaway only and it costs more to dine in. I discovered this only after I paid and discovered that asked him how come we got charged more for each item (even before taxes were added).

The menu also didn’t mention that there are a variety of bread types which you can have your sandwich in, once we made our order, the cashier told us that we can have white bread, brown bread, or rose mary parmesan bread, I asked to have mine in parmesan bread, he replied to me saying “BUT that will cost you 200 baisa extra”. It is not that I cannot afford 200 baisa, but I think that it is just not reasonable to tell me that I have options and I after I make my selection you tell me that I would have to pay extra for this even though other places offer it for free. What’s even worse is that after I got my receipt I discovered that he charged me 300 baisa for it?!! I asked him why he did that when he told me it would cost me 200 baisa. He apologized saying that he made a mistake and ordered two breads instead of one. (I don’t understand how two 200 baisa items would cost 300 baisa, but anyway). He then gave me a 100 baisa back.

I ordered a traditional sub (pictured above) which had smoked turkey breast, roast beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onions, black olives, and ranch dressing. According to the menu I had it cost RO 1.500 for a 6″. I asked if they had any alternative for a meal deal other than the Lays crisp. I really didn’t feel like having a crisp, so I thought I’ll just have a drink by its own. It costs RO 0.500 to have a refillable cup of Pepsi and RO 0.600 to add a small bag of Lays crisp to it.

I was not blown away by the sandwich I got, even though the bread was in my opinion nicer than Subway’s I think I made a bad choice with my filling. I think that I am more into meaty sandwiches that have solid pieces of beef or chicken. Or maybe I was just bitter about the messed up prices on the menu and the misleading cashier that I couldn’t enjoy the sandwich enough. I don’t know.

  • We have the same problem with Quizno's here in US… interesting to know it's the same problem there.
    Have you reviewed McDonald's or Burger King? I was in Muscat in 2001 and visited one or the other, I forget. I was impressed by the vegetarian choices on the menu. If you review that place, can you talk about the veggie options as well. I will be sure to pass your review to my friends! Thanks.

  • From reading yours and Jennifers comments I'm starting to think Quiznos is bad no matter what country it's in.I only went there once or twice and that was enough for me(years ago).The guy making the sandwiches starts measuring each ingredient of the sandwich with a tiny scale and adjusting each ingredient till I guess he had equal amounts of each ingredient.Not good to do this in front of customers.

  • Don

    I'm glad to see that you guys are reviewing restaurants once again. I always enjoy reading them even though I'm only in Oman for short periods each year. From your review of Quiznos up in Sohar and the two comments above, I don't think I ever want to try them!

  • Was there for dinner last night, they are now giving 2 FREE lays with each sandwich, so you only pay for the sandwich +drink and if dinning in, you get a free refill,,
    i think the food is nice and I recommend classic italian for a first try..

  • Erick matilla

    Guys, Actually Quiznos Sub is better sub than Subway but it is depend on how they prepared and who prepared, I have worked in Quiznos in singapore although not all customer you cannot please.. but of course each and everyone of you needs to be inform and worth for your money that is why it depends on people who dealing with you. it is not the Product has the problem the people who prepares and make your sandwich if they are properly trained and they know how it should look like the standard. based on the picture above as for me i am not gonna serve it why because it doesn’t look appetizing and it looks empty. and it looks a bit burned.

    Ms. Cecilia, you know what. you are correct some Quiznos branches do these kind of things maybe if they run out of prepared portions. of course it should have enough time and preparation on doing the pre portioning.