Jun 8, 2008

Pizza Express – Oasis by the Sea

Pizza Express

We paid a visit to the Italian restaurant Pizza Express that opened in the Oasis by the Sea mall in Shatti Al Qurum Area. Pizza Express is a big international franchise that is found everywhere. It had a branch in MQ years ago that closed down for some reason, but this new one is bigger and nicer. The restaurant is located inside the Oasis by the Sea mall which is probably going to be filled up with many more restaurants soon.

Pizza Express - Seating

The coolest thing about the seating area of Pizza Express is that it is a NON-SMOKING area, plus the place is spacious and looks quite fancy. However, some seats are nicer than others, the ones in the picture above are the nicer ones, the one I sat on was a hard chair with no cushiony thing. There are currently no seats outside the restaurant on the side of the mall, but if they were to have a smoking area that might just be the perfect place for it.

Pizza Express - Starter

Unlike other new restaurants in town such as Japengo and Biella, the menu of Pizza Express seemed to be all available, or lets say almost all available, as a couple things were out of stock I think, and not unavailable for serving like the other two places. Anyway, the menu of Pizza Express offers a variety of baked starters, a collection of salad appetizers, many different *regular* pizzas, special pizzas made with wholemeal dough, special pizzas made with cream sauce, stuffed pizzas, pasta, and a couple of Italian rice dishes (risotto).

Pizza Express - Apollo

For the stater I had a garlic bread with mozzarella (pictured earlier above – RO 1.6) which is basically baked garlic dough with mozzarella on top. I loved it, it didn’t take long to arrive and was deliciously tender from the inside. The mozzarella was a bit thick, but not too thinking for my liking.

Pizza Express - Quatro Carni

For the main course I had an Apollo pizza (pictured earlier above – RO 3.4), which was made up of marinated tandoori chicken, capsicum,  coriander, and fresh green chilies. The crust was pretty light and well cooked, and the pizza itself was excellent, I loved how spicy it was, the chicken, and just everything about it. My friend had a Quatro Carni pizza (pictured above – RO 3.6) which he enjoyed as well.

Pizza Express - Semi Fredo

We ended up our visit to Pizza Express with a Semi Fredo (pictured above – RO 2.6) which is basically a white and dark chocolate mousse. It was OKAY, but not special at all and not worth the RO 2.6, we originally wanted a chocolate fudge cake but they did not have it in stock.

Pizza Express - Waiter

We ordered 1 starter, 2 pizzas, 1 desert, 1 small water, 1 soft drink (+ 1 refill), our bill came out to RO 15.25 taxes included.

I loved Pizza Express on my first visit to it, the food was amazing, the service is excellent and the place is great! Their pizza is the best thing I’ve had in a while! I didn’t like the dessert, but I am surely going to check out the chocolate fudge next time. IT BETTER BE GOOD.

  • Jiji

    A friend recently told me about your blog and I just want to say what a great job you guys are doing. I’ve been abroad for the past 2 years and I’m actually looking forward to coming back and checking out all the new restaurants that have opened while I was gone! Finally we have some choices. Keep up the good work!

  • I think the food at pizza express is pretty good …
    I’ve eating out of there since it started…
    ordering take away is fine .. but if you decide to eat there … then you should be ready to deal with the staff…

    i just feel the staff there are not trained at all… they have no idea what is going on… and you have to repeat your self a million times… i gave up on eating there and now i just order take away.

    This is how i imagine their recuiting process:
    The head hinter stands out side oasis by the sea and waiting for people to pass by … if he sees a filipino or an indian … he would shout
    “hey you, do you have a job?”
    “me ? no, no job”
    ” no? ok come in inside, put on this uniform”
    “what should i do?”
    “go serve those tables” ” now go make a pizza” “now go make salads”

  • please remove oasis by the sea of you email addresse and website, or i will begin ligitigation. this is our name and infringment rights.please call me or write me ali kaldirimoglu. 1211 a north surf road , hollywood beach. fla 333019. (954-249-9893). we have been in bussiness since 1992.please remove all oasis by the sea. related items. i will verify, by wenesday august 4.2008

  • Ali Kaldirimoglu, feel free to start litigation! In Oman and the US, trademark is region and industry specific. Our usage of the trademark of any restaurant review is allowed by the law as it is merely used for identifying the restaurant.

  • Wow, too many pizza to choose from.

    Whee, I dont know why Mr. Ali is so furious about this good exposure. This is nice for the business.

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  • CletusShirley

    That was two years ago. I've read this article about Pizza Express and their new ways of getting more money for less pizza. I'm glad you had such a nice experience but two years ago the chain of restaurants were new so they offered very good service. Still, you made me remember of the Manchester pizza they serve in NH. Best pizza ever.

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  • Dutch Rose

    My wife told once about how pizza expresss is a very healthy food. The cuisine uses high protien flour and cheeze. I was told the company specifications are very good in terms of food taste and quality. I decided to try and I was very delighted and loved the food. I sure now order take away every now and then. Thank you pizza express Oman.

  • Surprisingly good pizza if you go for the new thin ‘Roma’ style pizza. The usual pizza use far too much dough for my likely while the Roma pizza is far more authentic. Recommended.

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