May 2, 2013

The Pizza Company – Muscat Grand Mall

The Pizza Company

The Pizza Company (Telephone: 22009925 – Map) is an international chain of casual pizza restaurants that has recently opened its first branch in Oman in Muscat Grand Mall. The restaurant is located on the first floor of Muscat Grand Mall in the dine-in restaurants area near Paul and Shang Thai

The Pizza Company

The Pizza Company has a spacious dining area, it is likely that the restaurant also has an outdoors seating area similar to all the restaurants in that section, but I wasn’t sure because at the time of the visit the weather was bad and they could not have had the outdoors area used. We went for dinner on a week day and there were many customers in the restaurant, but it was nowhere near full. It is likely that the place would be much busier during weekends. The majority of the customers at the Pizza Company were small families and groups of young guys.

The Pizza Company

The Pizza Company is very similar to Pizza Inn and Pizza Hut. The menu of The Pizza Company offers a number of starters typical to these places such as garlic bread, chicken wings, onion rings, cheese sticks, etc, along with salads, baked rice, pastas, and pizzas. For the starter we went for a Turkey and Cheese Twist (RO 1.600) which had rolls of dough baked with cheese and turkey bacon. I thought that the texture of the bread was great and that the cheese was nice.

The Pizza Company

For our second starter we decided to share a portion of baked rice with turkey slices and carbonara sauce (RO 2.000). I have never tried such a dish before, and I thought that it was a bit too boring. There was nothing technically wrong with the dish, but I do not think that I will go for such an item if I go to The Pizza Company again.

The Pizza Company

For the main course we shared a large pizza. The pizzas at the Pizza Company come in three different crusts, the Extra Loaded Pan, the Thin Crust, and the Extreme (sort of the equivalent of a stuffed crust pizza at Pizza Hut). We went for an Extreme “Super Delux” (RO 6.000) which had beef pepperoni, ground beef, italian sausage, mushrooms, onion, capsicum, and black olives. I thought that the pizza was nice and not oily at all, I also thought that the ingredients felt fresh. For a pizza of a restaurant in this category, it was good.

The Pizza Company

For the drinks I tried something called a Passionata (RO 1.000) which was a crushed ice drink made up of Mountain Dew and  orange syrup. I thought that it was alright, but I would have preferred Mountain Dew on its own.

The Pizza Company does not serve any desserts.

In total we ordered 1 starter, 1 baked rice, 1 large pizza, and 3 drinks. Our bill came to RO 13.730. We were a group of three people.

Before going to the Pizza Company I did not know what to expect, I originally thought that this would be something more like Pizza Express, but it turned out to be more like Pizza Inn, and I guess for that sort of restaurant the Pizza Company is a pretty good option. The service is good, the food came quickly and as ordered, and the prices are good. So if you are looking for a place to have an American-style pizza to share with a big group, you should give the Pizza Company a try.

  • Miss. A

    Well for me it was a big time disapointment.
    I would admit that as a start i admired the pasta with terky which i had. But when the pizza arrived it was “nice” but as you’ve said i have a big expectation that the falvor should be compared to Pizza express and to intaliano …. I really expected to experince the real italian flavor …
    What really made cross them out of my list was the take away “as i had two pieces of pizza left and i thoight would let someone test” here is the image explaining how the pizza was delivered to us. “Just As if iT waS a LeFtOveR !!!!”
    i simply walked thru and retuned it back to them telling them that there would be better way to present the take away order…. Somehow i don’t recommend them to any one.

  • The way they put that pizza in the box is just not appropriate.

  • Missmoneypenny

    Hi,I’ve never been to Oman ( hope to go some day) so maybe it s not fair for me to comment based simply on a photo. But that picture of the pizza looks alarming. In fact it looks a lot like PIzza Hut, which pizza cognoscenti would never give the time of day to. If you are in London, try Franco manca in Brixton market- that is real pizza with a thin, wood oven cooked crust, fresh tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella.

  • ARS

    I didn’t have a good experience in PIZZA Company. Thin pizza was totally not matching my taste. if you compare it with pizza Express or PaPA jones, PIZZA company is a totally disappointing.

    but, the appetizer platter was good, except the chicken.

    I hope it serves good Pasta. I will go and try the Pasta, if it was not perfect, I will forget this brand.

  • chirag

    Best pizza in muscat is hands down, ITALIANO. It’s extremely authentic, and the pizza is just out of the world! we’ve eaten pizzas in different corners of the world and this is definitely at the top. give it a shot!