Apr 2, 2013

Paul – Muscat Grand Mall


Paul (Telephone: 2200 9583 | Map) is a French bakery restaurant chain that has recently opened a branch in Muscat Grand Mall in Al Khuwair. The restaurant is located on the first floor of Muscat Grand Mall in the dine-in restaurants area.


Paul has a nice large cosy in-door seating area and an outdoor seating area that is not very attractive at the moment, as it overlooks a construction site, but it could potentially be great when these works are done and the weather is nice. I visited Paul on a weekday evening and the place was sort of busy, but it was still quite easy to get a table. The crowd seems to be a mix of families and adults.


Paul is primarily a bakery and most people come to it to enjoy the various cakes and pasteries. Paul’s menu also offers soups, salads, quiches, sandwiches, a variety of mains, and baked desserts such as millefeuille, fruit tartlets, macaroons, along with crepes and ice creams. After we made our order we were treated to a basked of bread with butter which was nice and enjoyable.


For the starter I went for the Onion Soup (RO 2.700) which came in a bread loaf. It was rich, hearty and had strings of cheese. I thought that it was delicious and filling, I was worried that I might have no room for my main and dessert, so I decided not to force myself to finish the whole soup.


For the main I went for the Poulet Pesto sandwich, a soft bread sandwich that had marinated grilled chicken breast slices in pesto sauce. The bread was beautiful and cloudy and the chicken was delicately marinated. I enjoyed it a lot.

Paul Paul

My friend, who is a regular at Paul, sort of, knew that all desserts would be gone by the time we finished our meal, so he ordered a Vanilla Millefeuille (RO 1,500) from the get go. By the time we wanted to order dessert at around 9.15pm almost everything else was finished. I had to go to the display at the front of the store to pick something from what we left. I ordered a Duo Chocolate Cake (RO 1.900) which was a chocolate cake with layers of black chocolate and chocolate mousse, it was alright, but not mind blowing. The Millefeuille on the other hand was special and delicious.


For the drinks I had a Paul “Mix” juice which should probably be called the Paul Non-Mix because it is made up of un-mixed layered strawberry, mango, and kiwi juices. I was not crazy about the juice and didn’t think it was memorable.

In total we ordered 1 soup, 3 mains, 2 desserts, 3 juices, and 1 small bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 30.847.

I thought that the service at Paul was great, the waiters were friendly and polite and our food came as ordered. It was a bit annoying that half the pastries were sold out, but I guess you need to go early if you want to have the goodies.

I had a good experience at Paul and would surely be going there again to try different things on their menu.

Have you guys been to Paul? What do you think of it?

  • albarood

    I am a regular customer to Paul. Still they dont have crepes since their launch. The service is depends. Sometimes good and sometimes not that much.

    I faced several issues with them. one of that is when they gave me the oil & vinegar there were insects and they changed it to me. oops

    I requested one time a lemon mint and there wasnt a taste of lemon. it looks water i requested to changed the 2nd one was also the same 🙁 although i am ordering lemon mint most of my visit but last time wasnt good and this was in past Saturday.

    If you take something form the display for take away and you will wait for long time just to pay your item although its not crowded in front of the cashier.
    What they served recently in sandwiches is good. I hope they do much better than that.

  • Miss Sweets

    Paul in Oman is Poor, the french pastries and sweets shout “we r not french!!” it’s a shame! the other day I tried the flan Tarte wich is meant to have Flan which is a mixture of milk and eggs, and it was nothing but the taste of starch!!
    they must have a french chef or at least a french sweets specialized chef!!

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  • tota

    I did not have a good experience with them hence it was my
    first time went there with my frnd I order chicken sandwich with herbs (don’t recall
    the name) the chicken was very hard difficult to chow and the herbs was bitter I
    called the waiter and he said the chief is new I was like WHAT !!!!! even they
    should replace the burned food I swear that I could broke my teeth how hard it

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  • OMR1996

    Tbh am not a big fan of classic cafes and restaurants but I was there with my friends just to “pass time” in that boring thing called “MGM”; I tried the chocolate eclair which wasn’t good at all and to make things worse I wanted something “good” so I asked for the minty lemonade which seemed more off a mint juice than a lemon n mint. I don’t think I’ll be going there again but I have to admit the service and the staff were really, really excellent.

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  • N^2

    I loved the food there, the service and the place itself. I was a little uncomfortable because the place was relatively crowded and I felt that the tables in the front were a little too close to each other.

    I had the onion soup in the bread loaf and I can’t wait to go for that again. I ordered assorted macaroons to take and wasn’t impressed, but I will make sure to try the Vanilla Millefeuille next time.

    Great review as always.


    There is one contact number(22009583) but it is not working. we would like to get one active telephone number.please.

  • Steven

    My experience in Paul was a good one , I went their with a friend , and the waiter real looked after us , he brought us bread , filled our glasses and the steak I ordered came exactly as I wanted and asked for it to be .
    the staff are really thoughtful and they know exactly when to come to check as in oppose to some other restaurants where you have the waiter comes and interrupts some romantic moments . I swear sometimes I feel like they are doing it on purpose . We ordered a decent meal but skipped on dessert since we both had too much that day , our bill was below 20 OMR .

    Paul is one of my favorite places , it might not be top notch cuisine but it is a decent place , good ambiance and nice setting

  • Basma

    Delicious food ,amazing service and good location

  • Sherin Thomas

    today being my bday i went wit my daughter n frend to paul and we wer happy with their menu as we had ordered for vannilla pastry deif crepe with chocolate hazlenut and lemon ice tea and she had a pesto sandwich for takeaway as well …we wer happy and satisfied as i have tried many crpes in mct but this was really light and homemade feeling….not at all heavy…as im an ice tea and pastry fan i would definetly go back there for d same and to try their other pastries