Apr 2, 2013

Paul – Muscat Grand Mall


Paul (Telephone: 2200 9583 | [geolocation]) is a French bakery restaurant chain that has recently opened a branch in Muscat Grand Mall in Al Khuwair. The restaurant is located on the first floor of Muscat Grand Mall in the dine-in restaurants area.


Paul has a nice large cosy in-door seating area and an outdoor seating area that is not very attractive at the moment, as it overlooks a construction site, but it could potentially be great when these works are done and the weather is nice. I visited Paul on a weekday evening and the place was sort of busy, but it was still quite easy to get a table. The crowd seems to be a mix of families and adults.


Paul is primarily a bakery and most people come to it to enjoy the various cakes and pasteries. Paul’s menu also offers soups, salads, quiches, sandwiches, a variety of mains, and baked desserts such as millefeuille, fruit tartlets, macaroons, along with crepes and ice creams. After we made our order we were treated to a basked of bread with butter which was nice and enjoyable.


For the starter I went for the Onion Soup (RO 2.700) which came in a bread loaf. It was rich, hearty and had strings of cheese. I thought that it was delicious and filling, I was worried that I might have no room for my main and dessert, so I decided not to force myself to finish the whole soup.


For the main I went for the Poulet Pesto sandwich, a soft bread sandwich that had marinated grilled chicken breast slices in pesto sauce. The bread was beautiful and cloudy and the chicken was delicately marinated. I enjoyed it a lot.

Paul Paul

My friend, who is a regular at Paul, sort of, knew that all desserts would be gone by the time we finished our meal, so he ordered a Vanilla Millefeuille (RO 1,500) from the get go. By the time we wanted to order dessert at around 9.15pm almost everything else was finished. I had to go to the display at the front of the store to pick something from what we left. I ordered a Duo Chocolate Cake (RO 1.900) which was a chocolate cake with layers of black chocolate and chocolate mousse, it was alright, but not mind blowing. The Millefeuille on the other hand was special and delicious.


For the drinks I had a Paul “Mix” juice which should probably be called the Paul Non-Mix because it is made up of un-mixed layered strawberry, mango, and kiwi juices. I was not crazy about the juice and didn’t think it was memorable.

In total we ordered 1 soup, 3 mains, 2 desserts, 3 juices, and 1 small bottle of water. Our bill came to RO 30.847.

I thought that the service at Paul was great, the waiters were friendly and polite and our food came as ordered. It was a bit annoying that half the pastries were sold out, but I guess you need to go early if you want to have the goodies.

I had a good experience at Paul and would surely be going there again to try different things on their menu.

Have you guys been to Paul? What do you think of it?