Jul 26, 2011

Pane Caldo – Jawharat Al Shatti

I reviewed Pane Caldo first when it opened back in 2007 and I wasn’t the biggest fan of their food, however, over the years I grew to like the place and it is now it is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in town, so I thought I’ll do a new review of Pane Caldo to share with you some of my favorite dishes at it. For those who do not know it, Pane Caldo is an Italian restaurant located in Jawharat Al Shatti Mall on the left side of it before DQ (Map).

Pane Caldo is quite big and spacious, during day time the place has this nice open airy feel due to the brightness of the place as the light comes through the glass wall. For those who like a little bit more privacy there are a couple of partitions on the right back side of the restaurant. They are not completely private, but will do for those who want to have a partial intimate experience.

Pane Caldo serves a collection of pizzas, pastas, calzones and other Italian dishes – I would personally not recommend having pizza at Pane Caldo because I did not like any of the pizzas there have, but someone on Twitter yesterday was swearing by the pizza he had at Pane Caldo – I am not sure which specific pizza he had.

Once you order at Pane Caldo you are usually treated to a variety bread basket (pictured above), which is usually extremely tender and cloudy and comes with a crushed olive dip and a red chili dip.

There are a number of starters at Pane Caldo, but I always go for nothing other than their Calamari Fritt (RO 2.500) which comes with nice mayo dip. It’s crunchy and not too oily and can be shared between two or three people.

For the main course I never go for pizza like I mentioned earlier, and usually have the Pollo Biancaneve (RO 5.200 – pictured below) which is a chicken breast dish served pasta and a spicy tomato sauce on the side, or the Bucataini Mrinana which is basically a red sauce sea food pasta (RO 4.600 – pictured above). The sea food pasta can be a little bit too spicy for some people, but you can ask them to have not a little bit less spicy that usual if you do not think you can handle it. I personally think that these two dishes are generally really good just the way they are.

I don’t usually have any of the desserts at Pane Caldo, but on my recent visit we had a Tiramisu (RO 2.800) which I thought was quite OK and really huge in size, four people could have easily just shared that one piece.

I really like the service at Pane Caldo nowadays, the staff members are helpful, very cheerful and never mess the order or take too long to prepare it.

On our last visit we had 2 main courses, 2 starters (second starter not pictured), 1 large bottle of water, 1 soft drink, and 1 dessert, our bill came to RO 26.910.

Pane Caldo is currently one of my favorite places in town and I highly recommend it!