Aug 9, 2012

Palmeera – Shatti Al Qurum

Palmeera (Telephone: 24692368 – Map) is a new continental restaurant located in Jawhart Al Shatti mall in the same spot where Pane Caldo used to.

The seating in Palmeera is extremely dull and reminded me of food court seating more than anything else. The tables are small and tightly packed next to each other. We went on a week day at night during Ramadan and very few tables were occupied. The crowds seemed to be mostly families.

The menu of Palmeera has no theme and serves a variety of breakfast meals, soups, salads, sandwiches and other mains. It kinda looked and felt like a watered down version of D’Arcy’s Kitchen, but less personal and with no attitude.

There was no starters section on Palmeera’s menu, and we didn’t feel like having a huge meal, so I went straight to the mains and ordered a clubsandwich (RO 2.800) while my friend ordered a cheese burger (RO 3.000).  My sandwich was OK, I thought the chicken was a bit too thick, but overall it was acceptable, though not memorable in anyway. My friend thought that his cheese burger was acceptable even though he didn’t think the patty was very fresh.

We did not feel like trying any of the desserts at Palmeera, even though they seemed to have a selection of cakes displayed on the side.

In total we ordered two mains, one large bottle of water, and one juice. Our bill came to RO 7.800.

I thought that the service at Palmeera was good, the staff seemed friendly and talkative, and our food didn’t take a lot to arrive and came as ordered.

My experience at Palmeera was not memorable, the place and food all seemed way too generic and boring.

I do not think that I will be coming to Palmeera again anytime soon. Have you guys been to this place?

  • Eta Architect

    Agree its boring i feel eating during 80s. Its nostalgic tho. Well we left n did not try eating. They should redesign the interior at least

  • Talal

    I’ve been suhoor-ing in there last night !!
    Their food is really as average as it can be, although I can’t deny liking the seafood soup they serve !!

  • Aj_iam

    It sounds like a cheap yet glorifiedl japanies watch, dull, boring, pointless n as exciting as a library.

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  • Ate in there with my wife and can safely say the best value food and great quality. The place is clean and staff very attentive, will defo be back there many times.

  • S

    ‘My experience at Palmeera was not memorable, the place and food all seemed way too generic and boring.’

    With all due respect, you did order burger and sandwiches.

  • Tamer

    In my humble opinion it is one of the best places, very practical, service is quite rapid, portions are good and prices are moderate.

    I am a regular customer there, and my favourite dish is their seafood salad.

    I have also tried breakfast there a couple of times and it is really good.