Oct 30, 2012

Palayok – Al Khuwair

Palayok (Telephone: 2202 4468) is Filipino restaurant located in Al Khuwair. Palayok has had a old branch in Ruwi for a very long time, this is a new branch of that same restaurant. Palayok in Al Khuwair is located at the same spot previously occupied by Pizza Express in right below Shang Thai and next to McDonald’s. If you are driving on Sultan Qaboos Highway toward Muscat you really can’t miss it. 

Palayok has taken the place that used to be Pizza Express in Al Khuwair and maintained more or less the same look of Pizza Express, but somehow feels shabbier for some reason, maybe because of the tacky wood hung around the place and the funny looking Coca Cola table paper spread everywhere. The place is also certainly more crowded and noisy that Pizza Express. The crowds were almost all Filipino and the place was relatively busy during our visit for lunch on a weekend.

The menu of Palayok contains soups, rices, grils, sizzlers, and some stuff called sisigs and pinoy snacks, in addition to separate sections for chicken, beef, and seafood. We had no idea what to order and the menu was not really helpful as no descriptions were displayed for any of the items on the menu. We asked the waiter for suggestions on what to have, and ended up getting the stuff he suggested, even though he was not really very convincing. Right after we placed our order we were presented with a small bowl of dry nuts, which were nice, but seemed more like a bar munch than something I would have until I wait for my lunch.

For our main we ordered a Chicken Adobo (RO 2.800) and a Mixed Seafood platter (RO 6.000) along with a portion of vegetable fried rice (RO 2.000). The Chicken Adobo turned out to be a dish of chicken pieces cooked in vinegar and soy sauce, we did not like it. I thought that it tasted bland and not interesting at all. The mixed seafood platter was also not great, the pieces in it seemed to be randomly cut and thrown together, for example, the crab pieces were mostly shell. The rice we got was also really cold and almost inedible. We could not finish any any of the dishes we got.

We were also not impressed with the service, the food took a really long time to arrive and nobody seemed bothered to ask us if we needed anything. The restaurant had a really shabby look, some of the food was poured on the side of the dish, as seen in the picture above, and the glass in which I had my juice had a crack in it.

In total we ordered 2 mains, 1 fried rice, 1 orange juice, and a large bottle of water. Our bill total came to RO 12.600.

I did not enjoy my experience at all at Palayok and the food was borderline disgusting. I do not know if this restaurant is designed to attract Filipino’s only as no effort seemed to be made to make it accessible to others, not through the menu or through the general attitude of the staff of the restaurant.

I do not think that I will be going to Palayok anytime soon again. Have you guys been to this restaurant? What do you think of Filipino food?