Sep 14, 2013

Omantel Horrible Service

Omantel Thumbs Down

Everyone has a story to tell about Omantel’s horrible service, here is my most recent one. I  applied for an ADSL connection exactly one month ago, I was told by the showroom staff that my area is fully wired and I should get my connection in a couple days. Fast-forward 30 days, several phone calls to the call center, two additional visits to the showroom, and I still have no idea when my connection will be installed.

A staffer told me that all connections take at least three weeks before they get installed, another staffer told that all connections get installed within a period of one to three weeks. The call center has declared that it has nothing to offer me and I have to go see the showroom for help, the showroom told me that they cannot do anything for me and all I have to do is wait. I have never received a call, a message or anything from Omantel to tell when to expect my line to be installed.

I swear I would not go to a company with such a horrible service if I had another option, I live in a Wimax red zone, so Wimax has not been good with me at all.

Some of you know that the Omani Cuisine was recently a victim of a hacking attack and I am working on getting the theme back up, but with no proper internet connection at home it seems that this might take a bit longer than necessary.

Thank you Omantel for wasting my time.