May 27, 2014

Omani Cuisine Top 10 Restaurants – 2014

Top 10 - 2014

The crowds been demanding that we update our original list of top 10 favourite restaurants in Muscat, i.e. the restaurants that the Omani Cuisine loves to go to when we actually are not there to write a review. This list is similar to our 2012 list with a few changes, and as usual, the full review of these restaurants can be read by clicking on the links provided.

10. Noodle House, Muscat City Centre 
The Noodle House

The Noodle House has always been one of our most favourite restaurants in town. Start with their Wasabi Prawns, have the Beef Teriyaki as a main with steamed Broccoli on the side and finish off their amazing meal with the exotic Mango Pudding.

9. Turkish House, Al Khuwair
Turkish House

Yes, it’s crowded, and yes, it the service is not the most amazing, but there is something about the food served here that cannot be matched by any other restaurant in town. The starter is addictive, the bread is divine, and you cannot go wrong with any fish dish you order here.

8. Lokanta, Shatti Al Qurum

This relatively new restaurant in Qurum Gardens is one of its kind. I have not seen a Turkish restaurant so refined and polished as this one, the setting is spectacular, the food is amazing, and the service is great. Try the thing photographed above, it is minced chicken mixed with pomegranate sauce served inside a crunchy wrap. Come thank us afterwards.

7. B+F Roadside Diner, Bareeq Al Shatti
B+F Roadside Diner

I do not know what B+F does to make their simple burgers so freakingly delicious. The Omani Cuisine prohibits going to B+F and leaving without having a bit of the dangerous Brownie Pudding.

6. Al Mandoos, Al Ghubrah
Al Mandoos

I cannot think of any other restaurant in this country that can replicate a homey Omani food experience besides Al Mandoos, it is authentic and well executed. Something about their drinks screams 80s and that’s really cool.

5. The SteakCompany, Bareeq Al Shatti
The SteakCompany

Great steaks, great service, and I love the new refined menu. You cannot go wrong with the SteakCompany.

4. Shang Thai, The Wave Muscat
Shang Thai

It might be cheesy to describe food as sensual, but that is the only way to describe what Shang Thai serves. I think I am addicted to everything with prawns on their menu starting with the Tom Yum Soup and ending with their Prawns in Chilli Sauce. You have to try their Tempura Ice Cream if you go!!

3. Slider Station, Oasis by the Sea
Slider Station

I know… I know.. a lot of people will say that they expected this to be my number 1, it is not, but it is very close. Slider Station should be given international awards for its amazing breakfast menu, but then again everything else they serve for brunch, lunch, and dinner is also outstanding.

2. Tokyo Taro, Al Falaj Hotel
Tokyo Taro

Tokyo Taro is obviously the best sushi restaurant in town, the most authentic, and probably the most affordable as well. Just get me anything they serve their ‘on a boat’ and you know that’ll be having one happy meal. And by the way, their beef Teppanyaki is to die for.

1. Ubhar, Bareeq Al Shatti

You guessed it right, my number 1 restaurant is still the one and only Ubhar in Bareeq Al Shatti. The food is as good as ever, the service is amazing and I just cannot resist their Paplo Soup. I am not going to say much, just read the full review here.

  • Aalaa Al-Lawati

    Slider station can definitely pass as my number 1! Followed by Royal China, The Turkish house, Shang Thai, BnF Roadside Diner, Maydan (Millenium Resort), D’arcys Kitchen and Chilis’!

  • albarood

    I dont know how Turkish house came at 2nd place in your list. I compared it with Al diwan al turki which is much more better than them. in my list, I keep it in the bottom.
    My top in the list is Tuscani in grand Hayat. They re providing an authentic Italian fine dinning.
    2nd is al tanoor and third is steak company and finally ubar is the fifth.

  • Mohammed El-Khider

    isn’t B+F and Slider Station are the same?

  • Mohammed El-Khider

    Turkish House is 9th not 2nd

  • @mohammedelkhider:disqus they are created by the same person, they don’t serve the same menu.

  • albarood

    Thanks I just noticed that. But still it’s out from my list …

  • OPNO

    I agree 100% with your list. You should do a cafe+coffee place best review as well… since those don’t usually make the top 10 restaurant list but are always on my dining screen…

  • Blewyn

    Noodle House, seriously ? Where’s Pavo Real on your list ? Or The Restaurant at The Chedi ? Methinks there’s a criteria other than food quality, service or ambience being applied here, that hasn’t been mentioned….