Jul 24, 2011

Omani Cuisine iPhone and Android Apps

We have been working on the Omani Cuisine mobile app as a side project for a while and it is now officially ready! The iPhone and Android Omani Cuisine app is a simple directory for restaurants in Muscat, you can use it to look to search for restaurants we have reviewed, get their phone numbers and check their location on the map.

You can download the iPhone version of the app from this link:

Omani Cuisine

The Android version of the app can be found here:

Omani Cuisine

This is the first time we ever make something like this, so please share with us any comments, suggestions, or problems you have with the application!

  • Anonymous

    and oh, apple has extend its app store, Oman is already in the list

  • Standy..

    mashallah.. well done.. i am happy to see this.. =)

  • AFaaZ KHaN

    Is there going to be a version for blackberry?

  • @d3266b15176c9e8e8f79f5635a0552ac:disqus , unfortunately the technology I’m using the build this app isn’t compatible with Blackberry phones yet.

  • Muataz

    Can you make an iPad version? That should be too difficult, this version is too small to read on the iPad!